Abadi Mosul: Edit on the doors.

2016/10/6 10:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister said armed forces Commander General Haider Abadi "Edit polluted city of Mosul terrorist ISIS gangs doors."

According to a statement by the Prime Minister received {Euphrates news} copy, "Abadi terrace thirteenth meeting-the second session of the supreme body for coordination between the provinces and held in Baghdad.

The Premier called on the Governors and provincial Council members ' cooperation and integration in the transfer of powers properly and thoughtfully to the success of this experiment emphasize continued to serve the citizen. "

Abbadi stressed that "the Government's target of citizen service and that local governments have an important role in this matter, noting the importance of moving possibilities in ministries and provinces to resolve difficulties and providing services.

"The international community looks to Iraq that other the right way and stronger than before, indicating that some had wanted three years ago Director army of some provinces and now all are shielded by a safety valve.

"The liberation of the city of Mosul on doors and our human editing of terrorism aldaashi is a higher goal, noting that terrorism wants to bring an information gain by bombings in Baghdad and our actions."

"Constant financial challenge because of low oil prices and our planning for the coming years, not one year or an electoral period, but work for the good of the country and the citizen noting we reduced government spending by 50 percent, which is good, although the war we're fighting."

Investment bodies called on the provinces to cooperate with investors and assurances and provide an enabling environment for employment creation and development of the country and reduce dependence on oil.

Abbadi stressed the importance of the rule of law with organized crime syndicates and other regiments are dedicated to achieving security in the provinces that are exposed to the threat of mankind there are requests from some provinces and responded to them.

The premier stressed the lack of foreign fighters are fighting with our heroine and the functions of the coalition forces are training and consultancy and armament, logistical support and air cover.

Renewed emphasis on forces rejected Abadi Turkey indicating that there are contradictory statements from the Turkish side there is no request from the Government for admission in advance thanks to the House of representatives to support the Government position, the common position is very important.