Integrity: Prison my client banks for government stealing billion dinars and a half

2016/10/6 14:13

[Where - Baghdad]

Announced that the board of my client's integrity prison for stealing government banks billion dinars and a half billion.

The statement said the board received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "circle of investigations into the board integrity disclosed its issuance in absentia judgment against my client banks government; for their feet together and agree on the estimated one billion and a half billion dinars, theft of public money, indicating that the competent integrity issues Criminal Court sentenced in absentia the right of every convicted [] and [A.k.a] spends in prison for each one of them, based on the provisions of Article [444 / Fourth and eleventh of the Penal Code.

He explained, in the gallery talking about the details of the case that the convicted Okdma agreement and subscribe to steal one billion four hundred and ten million dinars from the state's Rafidain Bank, noting that the convicted [] withdrew the amount under the instrument from his account in the Rasheed Bank - Mutanabi Branch for the benefit of the convicted [A.k.a] who check in and then withdrawn from the Rafidain Bank - branch of brotherhood, without verifying the existence of sufficient credit covers the amount withdrawn.

The statement added that he "supported the statements of the legal representative of the Rafidain Bank and the recommendations of the ongoing administrative investigation of the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Finance charges against the guilty as well as the presumption of their escape from the face of justice, which brought the court sufficient conviction to make it a crime, so I decided to sentence them under Article wisdom.

He noted that "the decision to sentence convicted criminals to ensure the support of booking their money movable and immovable property, and giving the right hand of the affected request compensation if the acquisition of the decision issued against them have become final.