Iraq submit a request for an emergency UN Security Council session to discuss the "overshoot" on Turkish territory

Twilight News Iraqi Foreign Ministry / said on Thursday it had submitted a request to the UN Security Council to convene an emergency session to discuss the "overtaking" Turkey on Iraqi territory, referring to the presence of hundreds of Turkish soldiers on the outskirts of Mosul, north of the country who are considered by Baghdad, "an occupying power".
The ministry said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, she "made a request for an emergency session of the Security Council to discuss the Turkish overtaking on Iraqi territory and interfering in its internal affairs." He added, that "the Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, Ambassador Mohammed Ali Hakim delivered a formal request to the President of the Security Council, the current Mr. Vitaly Churkin, to convene an emergency meeting of the Council to discuss the excesses and interventions Turkish side in addition to the decision of the Turkish parliament, which it renewed the continued presence of infiltrating Turkish troops inside Iraq." The Turkish parliament voted last week in favor of the extension of the military operation in Iraq and deal with "terrorist organizations" in Syria in an apparent reference to the Kurdish fighters and militants organize Daesh. Word of the Iraqi parliament on Tuesday evening to condemn the decision of the Turkish parliament and call Ankara and its force of 2,000 troops to leave Iraqi territory. And it summoned the Ambassador of each country in the other State escalating diplomatic standoff with the worsening tension on this Almousua between the two sides. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the request included "ask the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities towards Iraq and a decision would put an end to the violation of the Turkish forces and the Iraqi sovereignty and the lack of respect for the Turkish side to the principles of good neighborliness through the launch of the comments provocative." The statement also stressed "the need to intensify international efforts to support Iraq in its war against the terrorist gangs Daesh especially with the imminent launch of the city of Mosul editing operations." The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, warned on Wednesday that Turkey keep its troops in Iraq could lead to a "regional war." He said Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu born Chaooh The Ba'shiqah camp in Iraq, the focus of the dispute between the two neighbors was held to train local forces to fight the organization Daesh though Baghdad is aware of this. Most of the Turkish troops stationed in northern Mosul Ba'shiqah base to assist in the training of Iraqi forces and Kurdish peshmerga fighters of the year. Chaooh Ihsanoglu said in a press conference "held Ba'shiqah camp with the knowledge of the Iraqi government ... Baghdad officials visited the camp and even gave financial support to him in the past." Iraq's central government says it never extend an invitation to such a force of Turkish soldiers as occupiers and considered.