Salahuddin Governor directed the rehabilitation and opening of passports Tikrit Directorate

Number of readings: 20 Thursday 10.06.2016

In Salahuddin Governor Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, the rehabilitation and work directly in the passports conservative Directorate in the city of Tikrit. He stressed al-Jubouri, the need to re-opening and reception of reviewers and applicants for passport in accordance with the formulas and legal and official controls, during a meeting with the Director of Passports and angel factor, "stressing" the return of life to the cities of Salahuddin province, and the stability of the security situation. "

He pointed out that "the stability of the province requires the opening of all government departments and passports of the most important of those institutions that serve the citizen and reduce the burden it by not going to Baghdad or the passport office in the country," noting that "we are trying to support all the security and service departments mediated support morally and materially and directly work in a way that serves the interests of citizens in the province and to facilitate transactions.