Joint Operations issued a clarification regarding the bombing of the international coalition for the crowd clan

BAGHDAD - balances News
Issued a Joint Special Operations Command, on Thursday, for clarification on the incident of the bombing of Flight International Coalition military gathered for the crowd within the clan boycotted edit Nineveh operations. The media war cell, in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "the air strike carried out by the international coalition within the definitive liberation of Nineveh operations were based on information provided from the crowd tribal stating the existence of hostile fire from one of the houses in the village ruins of reparation." She added, "it was information check with the source, who confirmed the information, after the air strike carried out on the specific goal, according to information, and it turned out the martyrdom of a number of tribal children of the crowd and injuring others were immediately open an investigation to determine negligent." The 20 people from the crowd of tribal fighters were killed and five wounded wrong bombed the international coalition on the headquarters of them, South Almousel.anthy 29 n / 10