Ethel Nujaifi threatening to divide Iraq and why !!

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Said the Liberation of Iraq, which has been prepared force to participate in the battle to liberate The city of Mosul that battle will be a defining moment for Iraq may result in the division of the country along ethnic and sectarian lines. Among Najafi "The biggest fear that Iraq is divided If you do not take control of this battle wisely did not give Sunni Arabs a real authority and deal with them as a true partner." The government is preparing more than a year of the attack in order to regulate the output Daesh of the last major strongholds. It is expected that process to begin this month put the power-sharing arrangements, however, may represent what will happen after the biggest victory of the battle challenge It will find itself Sunnis and Kurds and the Shiites, who formed an alliance against the militants Garmestqr themselves in front of a daunting task in the development of power-sharing arrangements in Iraq. In August / August last Iraqi parliamentary committee blamed for Ngeevi and a number of politicians and military commanders and others blamed for the control of the organization in a lightning operation on the Sunni-dominated city. Najafi said he "committed to strengthening the unity of Iraq, who fell into the clutches of a sectarian civil war after the invasion of US forces to topple Saddam Hussein. Najafi and prepared a workforce of about 4,500 fighters, most of them former Iraqi soldiers and officers from the province of Nineveh, which Mosul is the capital in order to participate in the attack. "The men who trained 200 Turkish military adviser and American forces more capable of success in achieving stability in Mosul, because they are from the area and they can win over the local population," warning that "Iraq will be divided if it is granted powers for the year." He noted that "perhaps divided into more than three or four sectors, and even in Baghdad would face the same problem." He added that "the battle of Mosul, Iraq may keep one unit but a new form of management, however, will happen separation." Najafi and praised the cooperation with the Kurds, however, criticized the Shiite factions that have Iranian support, stressing that the sensitivities of Mosul list before editing process. He said Najafi, who was speaking to Reuters at his home in Arbil, "the Kurds Our partners on the ground if we take about 25 or 30 percent of Nineveh province, which is dominated by Kurdish influence, and that is present in every election, by virtue of the existence of the Kurdish population proportion of the existing political and their influence is natural in the province, and also we have a steady-state to work with them. We have no problem, but for To Shiite militias are considered alien to the point of the province. " He said in the interview, which took place in the guard Gunmen wearing military camouflage green "for the Kurds, no problem, we can solve this issue. We have a vision of how to solve this issue and Kurds means committed Bhaybaltokid, but for Iran to influence thought it would be confusing and very dangerous in the province of Nineveh. "