Interrogation of al - Jaafari , the National Alliance and divides his movement prepared a plot to target foreign

2016-10-06 03:18:52 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Promised Front parliamentary reform, to question ministers "normal" with no date to question Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari so far, while pointing out the coalition of state law to provide the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi request to head the coalition to postpone requests for interrogations minister until next March to find replacements for the ministries vacant and edit Mosul, accused the reform of internal and external views of the stream as "exciting" questioning al - Jaafari "to target the foreign ministry and its role."

The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi submitted a request to the Presidency of the coalition calling for the postponement of interrogations and his ministers process to the next March to be able to nominate ministers of defense, interior, industry and trade and the liberalization of the city of Mosul and approve the federal budget for next year.

And speaks sources from within the National Alliance for the lack of conviction of a large number of his deputies request the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to stop the interrogation period of time not exceeding the next month of March, and indicated that this request is an attempt by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi and leader of the National Alliance , Ammar al - Hakim to prevent the sacking of Minister Foreign Ibrahim al - Jaafari.

The MP said the reform front Messenger Abu Hasna said that "interrogations is normal is not entitled to prevent any mass which is at the core of the work of the House of Representatives , " pointing to "not set a date for questioning foreign minister so far."

Abu Hasna said that "people who have no personal interrogation corruption in the executive branch You can."

And it split the Shiite blocs about Abadi request to the first two students to postpone the questioning to the coming months after he considered Tsagaitih purpose of targeting political process, while the second panel , which insists strongly in moving the process of questioning does not see it as a target.

In this regard , MP said the coalition of state law , Jassim Mohammed Jaafar said that "the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi submitted a request to the Presidency of the National Alliance for the postponement request interrogations minister to the next month of March to allow him to nominate new ministers for the vacant ministries and the liberalization of the city of Mosul and the adoption of the budget , " pointing out that " these files are very important and ahead of the interrogation. "

Jaafar said that "al - Abadi told the coalition that the time for questioning is inappropriate according to the challenges that Iraq is going through , " adding "there is first an agreement among the coalition to accept a request - Abbadi."

And reveal some sources in the National Alliance for the attempt by some parties to the leadership of the National Alliance to persuade Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari to resign prior to being questioned and sacked by the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

It denies the Reform Movement , which is headed by al - Jaafari , an intention of the alliance approached the Foreign Minister to resign, pointing to " the continuation of the leadership of the Alliance to examine the subject of interrogations."

And the MP for the Reform Movement , Zaher al - Abadi said that "interrogation of al - Jaafari is to target political Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its role, and stand behind political parties and other international , " denying that "the coalition discussed the issue of the resignation of al - Jaafari."

After the rapprochement that took place in the past few days between the Shiite forces, which managed to overcome the crisis of the presidency of the coalition and also recorded the return of the Sadrist movement , who returned the conditions are expected to achieve the alliance, facing the leadership of the coalition and other problems of its rules of procedure , which is one of the biggest challenges.