Human Rights parliamentary vote on the Strategic Plan for 2016- 2018 Committee
[Where - Baghdad]
voted in the parliamentary committee for human rights, on Wednesday, on the strategic plan of the Commission from 2016 to 2018.
According to a statement of the commission received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Human Rights Commission headed by MP Abdul Rahim al - Shammari met this morning Wednesday in the presence of members of the committee and dealt with several topics for discussion, in the forefront of the need to speed up to meet with the Prime Minister with to solve the problem of displaced persons and returnees to the liberated areas within the editing operations , and the possibility of the involvement of the Human rights Commission to open a bridge file Bzabz to ease suffering and end it once and for all . "
He added that" the Committee agreed to submit a request to the government to secure the liberated areas and the provision of services , the restoration of infrastructure for the rehabilitation of the liberated areas in order return of displaced persons . "
the statement noted that" at the conclusion of the meeting was to vote on the strategic plan of the Commission 2016-2018. "