Parliamentary economy: non important to economy and development study

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She said a member of the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment, there are beautiful Ubeidi study real and serious for the purpose of promoting the country's economy.

The army said in a press release, "there must be an effective and serious study, for the purpose of economic development," However "there is no real or serious study to advance the economy, but on the contrary there are destroying the country."

"What we noticed there is agriculture and industry, but rely on a single supplier and is oil, which is not a real advantage is exploited, and directed many industries, as well as corruption in the Ministry."

Obeidi, stressed that "the most important economic file files that dealt with Iraq during the current three years, especially after the oil price slumps under contest country battle complicated by gangs of ISIS and the exodus has affected the economy, so this file from the files.

She continued, "there are many discussions and international aid have come to Iraq to establish a sovereign Fund during the interrogation of the Financial Secretary, and they were asking for postponement of discharge because there are axes on the sovereign Fund.

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