Attorney Al-Jabiri: Erbil agreement has not been implemented, either four or five paragraphs out of a paragraph (40)

Date: Monday, 30-04-2012 08: 55 am

Baghdad (newsletter) ...He said Iraqi Deputy caucus member/Iraqi/Jaber Al jaberi Coalition, that Convention has not implemented either of Arbil four or five paragraphs out of nine axes, each axis comprise six or seven paragraphs.
He said Al-jabri (News News Agency): the Convention has not been implemented including both Arbil a formation of Government (40) paragraph, especially since most paragraphs help solve all the problems, whether political, judicial, economic and even social.
Noted: the National Alliance and specifically the State of law coalition of the Convention were implemented in both paragraphs of only five paragraphs, and mostly not influential on the political situation and continued: if implemented, all problems will be solved on Arbil in the country and everyone will live without political or economic crises.

Iraqi Deputy said: "if I do 60% of the articles of the Convention, got any crisis Arbil in the country, the State of law Coalition's insistence on non-implementation would increase the crisis indeed Iraq will go to complex political crisis will continue for years.
This Convention on the basis of Arbil, which formed the current Government on nine axes included the first axis on the administrative side and the second legislative and legal, the third axis of the oversight role was allocated, and fourth and fifth was about reforms in the judicial and security file, the sixth axis was about balance in State institutions, the seventh axis focused on national compatibility./finished/33 n. p.