Shares in hotels and banks rising Iraq index at close

Live: market general index rose Iraq stock exchange at the end of the day Wednesday, by 0.56% to 571.550 level gives the point 3.17 points, compared with levels in Tuesday's session..

Today's index climbed to support stocks hotels and banks; financial investment Secretary rose 17.86% top gainers today, Babylon Hotel shares climbed by 10%, and Ishtar hotels rose 4.42%, 8.33% connector Bank issued stock activity volume and value traded 678.5 million shares worth 264.6 million dinars.

While retreating stock list issued today the Iraqi stock seed production by 7.44 percent.

Today's turnover rose to 1.43 billion shares, compared with 1.15 billion shares in the last session, and the value of trades to 908.7 million dinars 605.4 million in Tuesday's session.