Member of the parliamentary foreign: legitimacy and the world with us in Turkish troops

2016/10/5 14:30

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Rep member Abbas Bayati, foreign relations, its depth of the sea that the legality and the Nations of the world with us in Turkish forces from Iraqi territory.

Al-Bayati said in a statement Wednesday {Euphrates news} "still can one mediate through diplomatic and official conflict pay Turkish troops out of Iraqi territory."

He stressed that "no till now legal and legitimate right of claim by Turkish troops, adding that the Nations of the world with us in that direction," probable "If the Turkish troops ' insistence on staying inside, then the Iraqi Government will have the means and tools that drive the troops to withdraw."

The Deputy called the National Alliance, Ferdous Al Awadi, Wednesday, the Iraqi Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to resort to the UN Security Council to end the Turkish military intervention in northern Iraq, according to a statement released by her Office.

It is said that, the Turkish Government has offered 20 September last, a Parliament, a warrant to extend their power, when necessary, operations in Iraq and Syria, for another year.

For his part, the Turkish Parliament Saturday renewed {October 1}, delegated to the Turkish Government to send armed forces abroad for military operations in Syria and Iraq when necessary and under "address any potential attacks have exposed the State of any terrorist organizations."

And Congress voted during Tuesday's meeting, the decision to reject the Turkish Parliament's decision to extend the survival of Turkish troops inside Iraq, with the House of representatives rejected the incursion of Turkish troops in Iraq, and refused the presence of any other forces.

According to the decision of the Parliament, "Iraqi Government, Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad and handed over a note of protest to reject the presence of Turkish troops and all attacks on Iraqi soil, and on the Government to take all legal and diplomatic procedures required to save the sovereignty of Iraq and reconsider the trade and economic ties with Turkey."

The resolution included, also, the Government took swift steps to ask the United Nations Security Council and the Arabic League action to eject the Turkish forces and the Iraqi Government as Turkish forces into Iraqi territory occupied and hostile forces, and take care to handle and remove them from the territory of Iraq if Iraqi demands and did not respond to the request of the competent judicial authorities to move lawsuits to hold Iraqi troops entering claimants, launch support and statements justifying their existence, as well as the House rejects and condemns the Turkish leader Erdogan and finds it's divisive among the components of the people .

The Prime Minister said Haidar Abadi, yesterday said that Iraq doesn't want war with Turkey over its entry into the territory of Iraq, stressing that "the entry of foreign troops into Iraq to determine which mode is not permitted at all and reject any presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil as afraid to turn Turkish adventure to a regional confrontation.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced, today, she decided to call the Turkish Ambassador to Iraq Farouq kaimkgi, on the background of Turkish provocative statements on the Edit battle with Turkish foreign summoned connector, the Iraqi Ambassador in Ankara Hisham Ali Akbar Ibrahim Allawi, protesting the House resolution, the judge rejected the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil.

The Iraqi-Turkish relations, witness the tug, on the background of Turkey published last November in the Western town of Mosul's mistress, claiming that the aim is to train Iraqi group to address displayed is flag although Iraqi Government considered their presence was illegal and did not request or consent of Iraq and not welcome and that they withdraw.

The Iraqi Government has asked Ankara to withdraw its troops immediately occupied being infringement of national sovereignty, and made a complaint to the UN Security Council, Turkey shall refrain from doing dragging these conflicting statements once divorced forces withdraw and once with what it calls the redeployment. "

Iraq had asked last January, in a speech delivered by Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari told the UN Security Council, Turkey's claim includes a clear resolution to withdraw immediately and to condemn the illegal incursion.

Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, Foreign Minister hinted that a military option against the Turkish incursion, saying "no military agreement with any States violate Iraqi sovereignty