Turkish soldier killed in clashes in Syria

The Turkish military announced on Wednesday, killing one soldier and wounding three others wounded in clashes with al Daesh militant in northern Syria, where Chen Turkish troops since August last campaign as part of a "shield the Euphrates."

The army said the clashes also resulted in the deaths of 18 of Daesh element, which is still in control of several areas in northern Syria, most notably the door and glutinous important militarily and ideologically and historically for the militants.

Since the launch of Operation Shield "Euphrates" on 24 August, the Turkish special forces liberated the participation of factions of the Free Syrian Army Jarablos and towns scattered in the vicinity of the southern border of Turkey Aleppo east.

The process, according to the statements of Turkish officials, not only aimed at clearing the border of the militant group, but also include a stop extends Kurdish forces that Ankara regards as a terrorist, and push it to withdraw to the east bank of the Euphrates River.

The Ankara expressed concern about the People's Protection Units Kurdish allied with the United States, the political arm of the Democratic Union Party, which considers them an extension of the Kurdish guerrillas waging an
insurgency in Turkey for three decades.