Jaafari and al-Hakim discuss liberalization of Mosul operations and the return of displaced people to their home areas

He received Ibrahim al - Jaafari , the Iraqi foreign minister, and head of the National Reform Movement , in his office in Baghdad head of the Iraqi National Alliance , Sayyed Ammar al - Hakim and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting , trading the most prominent issues on the political scene, and security, and efforts to strengthen the role of the National Alliance during the next phase, keep the unity of the national ranks, mobilize all political forces efforts to eradicate terrorism, and the liberation of the Iraqi lands from the grip of terrorists Daesh, and the return of displaced people to their home areas, it has also been reviewing the results of Iraq 's diplomatic efforts in the delivery of voice of Iraq in the meetings witnessed by the United Nations, and get international support starting with the necessary near the city of Mosul editing operations.