US newspaper: edit Qayyarah accelerated preparations for the battle of Mosul

05/10/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 38

Room pale walls, lighting and neon lights the place of one, and plastic booklet, The room looked like a hall for lectures, but Hall of soldiers and officers to take them home to planning for the next war.

In the other corner of the room, officers gather in front of flat-screen movement of aircraft show drones that fly to reveal the movements of militants Daesh.

On one side, a combination of equipment and seating, and food was highlighted by many groups ribs cooked on the Iraqi way above the famous Iraqi rice.

The atmosphere shows that flat-screen, and also show the historic Plains in northern Iraq, For several months, the Air Command monitored the movements of Daesh of these screens, two years after the control of the organization Daesh the city of Mosul.

Now, after many moves on the restoration of the city, it is expected to begin the long-awaited battle, amid expectations the displacement of nearly one million people a moment of the start of military operations.

Land Forces Commander Maj. Gen. Gary Volexa, in the international coalition led by Washington, talks about the completion of the final preparations for the Liberation of Mosul, saying that "fighting is a crucial point in Mosul."

Iraqi army, which collapsed the moment of the fall of Mosul in 2014, is recovering slowly now, With the support planes of the coalition forces led by Washington, and tens of thousands of fighters from the paramilitary forces, all of these forces seized control of some areas were under the control of armed terrorists, to reach its control stage on land about a quarter of what was missing in 2015, according to a report prepared by the conflict control organization "IHS".

So far, he has done the Iraqi army, compared with the preparations for the battle of the restoration of Mosul, considered a crossroads, on the grounds that Mosul is the "jewel" organize Daesh controlled two years ago.

Iraqi army, said he threw all his cards to prepare for the planned campaign, and this was confirmed by the military leaders who had been transferred from the Iraqi army, "There is no time to wait anymore," according to Colonel, Brett Sylvia, the commander in Iraq, US troops, who pointed out that "the army Iraq on his way to liberate Mosul, but doubts the disappearance of militants among civilians remains a moment to storm the city. "

And openly, put the representatives of the various forces that want to edit Mosul, a timetable between mid-October and mid-December, to start the editing process.

These preparatory period look, despite the restoration of the town of Qayyarah, which he says the Americans and the Iraqis it as an essential element in the restoration of the city.

Colonel Voleski says that "the Iraqis were not imagine Qayyarah restored quickly, they thought the town would be restored in November, but the victory came in July."

The international coalition is also intensified its efforts to prepare for battle, as well as the Ministry of the Pentagon, which has sent about 600 additional US troops since last week, not to mention the arrival of drunken base, which lies about 90 minutes by car from the city of Arbil, trucks and armored vehicles.

Many military plans to restore the city, but the most admissibility so far is, splitting the Tigris River, and invite some of the armed forces to catch the eastern side, to facilitate the process of army units and special forces known as the "golden band" to launch an attack south of the city of and the transition from the street to another in search of militants.

It is not clear if the gunmen, terrorists will continue to fight against this power or not, because the intelligence information and statements to officials of the international coalition, confirmed the escape of the group's leaders toward Syria.

It remains the presence of the Turkish army near Mosul, the Iraqi government, worrying that suffer confusion today about his presence, despite the submission of the last training and weapons to Sunni insurgent groups supervised by the former governor of Mosul Liberation of Iraq.

Femilisheat Najafi want to join the battle against al Daesh, while the United States opposes the same time, post known as the "popular crowd" the process of the restoration of Mosul, which Washington accuses of committing sectarian crimes against civilians in the areas recovered their hands Shiite factions.

The remaining participation of the armed paramilitary factions, such as the Peshmerga and folk and tribal Alhacdan, is in doubt, but the media leaks says that "my strength Peshmerga popular crowd and will remain outside the city, while the intervention of the security forces and the band own the streets of the city."

And refers Major General Najim al-Jubouri, the Iraqi army commander who will lead the process of liberalization, that "There is an unprecedented coordination between the Iraqi army and the Peshmerga on the liberalization of Mosul."

It is believed Maj. Gen. Voleski, that there is a crucial role behind the scenes back American soldiers who are planning to restore Mosul implementation of Iraqis, pointing saying, "What is different in this fight, it is that the Iraqis are in the lead, and we do not tell them what to do but to training and advice."

According to Maj. Gen. al-Jubouri, "We have air support, is a surgeon excised the cancer," adding, "I expect ready Mosul residents of the uprising against al Daesh moment the battle began," It is believed that residents would fight the army and security forces is the most important, those waiting minute before time to start the attack, according to Brigade-Jubouri, a sealed Speaking to the newspaper.