Daesh divides Mosul wall isolates coasts .. and smart defender enters the battle of liberation

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Baghdad / Wael blessing

Like p Mosalion who inhabit both banks of the Tigris River each other, in the hope of meeting again, after the separation of the organization Daesh coasts wall similar to the "Berlin Wall."

This comes in conjunction with the international airline alliance directed hundreds of "smart" missiles toward the city.

It is expected the next few days that the Iraqi army cordoned off the start of Mosul, three axes, especially after the increase in the number of US troops in Qayyarah base, near the preparations for the new Iraqi Army Division in northern

Mosul is complete.

To that more than half of the displaced people returned to their areas Sharqat less than two weeks after the liberation of the judiciary, which is still controlled Daesh him on the left bank.

Officials are not expected to resume in Sharqat edit the rest of the judiciary only after the liberation of the besieged Hawija operations four months ago.

Sophisticated weapons

It reveals a source close to the Ninawa Operations Command, the arrival of heavy weapons and military equipment developed for US troops stationed in Qayyarah base that has control late last August. The source, who spoke to (range) on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, said that "most of the specialized equipment to detect explosives and mines," pointing out that "the size of the equipment is much more than the size of the base located in the Air Force."

The source estimated the number of US troops in Qayyarah base of about 1000 items, explaining that "one of the new equipment is a smart defender responded to the source of the fire automatically, and a range of up to more than 40 km."

The source also expects "Qayyarah base transformed into an airstrip alternative to regional rules for helicopters to the US Army." Washington announced last week, agreeing to send about 600 extra troops to Iraq, in addition to the 4,600 troops present in the country.

Western officials said recently that the great attack of the international coalition against "Daesh" in Mosul, could begin this month. According to the latest estimates, distributed by the Pentagon, for the presence of between 3,000 and 4,500 fighters Daesh in Mosul.

New military band

In the meantime, it revealed the source, who is close to Ninawa Operations Command, on "the approaching completion of the number of new military band that recently arrived in northern Mosul," stressing that "this force will take over the task of storming the city of Mosul."

For weeks a heated debate going on about the identity of those who will participate in the liberation of Mosul process. The political parties in Mosul has said that "Washington plays the role of mediator between the Iraqi authorities."

And it refuses to block the governor of Mosul enter the "popular crowd" troops to Mosul, while Olokua says Abdul Rahman, chairman of civilians bloc in the Nineveh, that "refused to enter the crowd was due to the desire of the people of Mosul liberalization of their city and the revenge of Daesh."

The Olokua, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that "the population and the tribes in the south of Mosul do not have the sensitivity of the popular crowd," but he says, "They do not want to be subjected to blame and accuse of being left edit their city to others."

It is expected the Board member of the provincial Nineveh to begin encircling Mosul operations during the hours or the next few days. Forces and separates in southern Mosul city center 50 km away. In separating the Peshmerga forces, stationed in the eastern and northern sides, from the center of Mosul.

The diameters ranging area that separates the "Daesh" Iraqi forces and support them between 55 km and 7 km in other areas. Olokua asserts that "these areas take a long time to edit them before arriving in Mosul."

Attack ceaselessly

And indicates a member of the Nineveh provincial council that "the military forces, if you start attacking the Alahud Village, near Qayyarah, non-stop, it would reach the outskirts of Mosul," and asserts that "the militants would not stand a chance in front of her," pointing out that "Daesh puts lines repel whenever stop offering troops, as happened in Qayyarah and Alahud. "

The organization Daesh has failed twice, in recent days, to return to Qayyarah, after armed attacks launched from the village of Alahud. Olokua says that "life in Qayyarah legged returned again, and opened lines of communication." He noted that "the political and radio guidance process will begin in Qayyarah, until it reaches the broadcast to Mosul."

And inaugurated by the Prime Minister, yesterday evening, Radio Mosul, which was launched from Qayyarah, under the guidance of the people of the word. The radio will give instructions about the potential to get out safe places and roads that need to be avoided and where to find help and phone numbers that they call out when an emergency during the attack.

Ebadi said, "Dear in Mosul humpback has liberated all the cities of Iraq from the gang Daesh, that great victory will be completed soon and we will celebrate with you here in Mosul."

Addressing the people of Mosul, saying, "Get ready and cheered my esteemed our people in Mosul have approached promise came Truth and falsehood, we have decided and determined to purge all the land of Iraq from Daesh and check this decision victory .. and you are today closer than ever to get rid of oppression and injustice and the oppression of Daesh" .

Back to Sharqat

And to the south of Mosul, Shirqat Nazho began a quick return to the judiciary, after less than two weeks editing the western part.

Said Abdul Sultan Issa, a representative of the Council of Salahuddin province in Sharqat, (range) that "more than 50% of the displaced people have returned to the judiciary, although the Daesh still hits the city with mortars from the other side of the Tigris River." During the past two months, fled about 100 thousand people from Sharqat, while preferred about 350 thousand others to stay in their homes.

And it managed the local government, recently, restore water and part of the electric power, while trying to run "filtered" out there, but his part-east overlooking the right coast threatened by "Daesh." Local administrator and is considered to be secure Salahuddin "will not be completed until after the liberation of Sharqat Alaymen coast," while confirming that "the process of restoring the other side of the elimination of Hawija Bntzar start editing process."

The siege of Hawija

Since four months the Iraqi army imposed a tight siege on the Hawija, southwest of Kirkuk, initiated liberalization Qayyarah base.

Criticizes Sheikh Burhan Assi, head of the Arab group in Kirkuk, the government delayed the release "of Hawija," in addition to the four administrative units in the west of Kirkuk.

He said the Orontes (range) yesterday that he "has not yet seen any preparations for the liberation of the city," describing the military leadership as "living in a valley away from the suffering of the people of those areas, the scarcity of food and medicine."

And hold about half a million people in Hawija and respects its affiliates. Assi also confirms that "23 thousand families displaced from those areas to shelter camps near Kirkuk and in science east of Tikrit area."

The tribal leader asserts that "Daesh collapsed after the liberation of Sharqat," pointing out that "the young people inside Hawija carrying out some operations against the insurgents."