Official statistical return of more than {186} thousand displaced families to the three provinces and some parts of Nineveh
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the return of {186} 1635 displaced families to inhabit places in the three provinces and some parts of Nineveh, after the liberation of the Conception Daesh criminal.
A statement of the ministry and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Tuesday, an official from the Department of affairs back in the ministry Hamoudi Mahjoub said , "it was the return of {186} 1635 their native regions in the provinces, {Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and judicial drunk, Sinjar, hand Qayyarah in the province of Nineveh}. "
He said restricted to" prepare families returning from displacement emergency represented by {64} 1325 family of Anbar province and {88} 1086 back in Salahuddin province , family and {24} 1624 returnee families in Diyala province , as well as return {9} thousands and 600 returnee families in court drunk, Sinjar, hand in the province of Nineveh Qayyarah. "
and that" the ministry called on families returning to their original homes in the provincial review of the ministry 's branches in the provinces to register and to document their return . "
noting the ministry 's statement to" evacuate thousand displaced people of Hawija to Whelan camp in the province of Kirkuk with the distribution of relief aid breaking them. "
He explained that" the evacuation of displaced people was carried out by buses allocated by the ministry to take them to the Whelan camp in Kirkuk, while the deployment of the ministry branch food aid and domestic them upon arrival in the camp , ".anthy