Member of the parliamentary services: there are files condemns the new transport minister

Tuesday October 42 016 20:23

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

A member of the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary Ali Hoalah, Tuesday, about the existence of files, "condemns" the new Transport Minister Kazem cup erythema, pointing out that among these files with regard to the services provided civil aviation authority.

Hoalah said in an interview for the Sumerian News, "The parliamentary services will host on Wednesday the Minister of Transport within the Commission to discuss a number of related files in the ministry."

He pointed to Hoalah "files exist condemns new minister of transport, including those related to the services provided by the authority of civil aviation," noting that "other files will go during hosted."

The Commission services revealed on Monday its intention to host the Transport Minister Kazem cup erythema on Wednesday, it showed that the host came to discuss several files, including the ministry contracted with the Turkish company.