Abadi: we don't want a war with Turkey and reduced balance 2017 to 15 trillion {Extender}

2016/10/4 17:59

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi stressed that "Iraq doesn't want war with neighboring Turkey on its entry into the territory of Iraq among other axis that budget was reduced to 2017 {15} trillion.

Abadi said at a press conference held in his Office in Baghdad today, your correspondent {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that "foreign troops entering into Iraq to determine which mode is not permitted at all and reject any presence of foreign troops on Iraqi soil as afraid to turn Turkish adventure to a regional confrontation.

He added that "the presence of Turkish troops on Iraqi soil an attack on sovereignty", stating that "International Alliance supported Iraq and refuses the presence of Turkish troops on its territory," pointing out that "the Turkish insistence on inside Iraqi territory has no explanation."

He stressed that "terrorist ISIS cartels closer to the Turkish border from Mosul, indicating that" we signed plans to ensure not to exploit the Turkish troops to enter our partnership seam with Turkey in military confrontation, as the Turkish military leadership behaviour is unacceptable by any standards. "

And regarding the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil between Abadi said that "problems between Baghdad and Erbil would not be solved by one or two meetings and can be solved within a unified Iraq."

He noted that "we have reduced the budget deficit from 32 trillion to 15 trillion, among other axis that" vacant ministries candidates presenting this week. "

And fears of a collapse of the Mosul Dam Abbadi, drew "the Mosul Dam is locked completely from any potential danger.

He went on to say that "we are giving wider powers to the provinces, with their participation in editing areas of DDNS ISIS gangs.