A document. A ministerial team to follow up the implementation of reforms packages Abadi

10/04/2016 13:52

Baghdad/Centre national features & NNC-formed cabinet secretariat working group composed of representatives of the Councils of Deputy Ministers to pursue reform packages presented by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

The document followed forNNC, "final report of the meeting under the Cabinet of Ministers (51) for the current year; due to delayed implementation of some paragraphs could not continue implementing reforms package, so decides to set up a team headed by Undersecretary (of your Deputy Ministers Council), which included representatives from your posts! on, follow up the implementation of decisions on the reform package issued by the Premier's Office and Cabinet Secretariat."

The document noted that "the Panel makes periodic reports completion rates monthly, and continue execution to the Council of Deputy Ministers.

And Prime Minister Haider Abadi, in the last quarter of last year, a number of ministerial orders have included reducing the number of Cabinet members to (22) instead of (33), after Vice Prime Minister, five ministries, as well as incorporating a number of other ministries to close.