For a second day .. heavy bombardment of coalition targets in Mosul Daesh

Twilight News / continued to fly the international coalition for a second day of violent bombed sites Daesh terrorist organization within the city of Mosul, according to local sources.
The sources said in remarks to the Twilight News, that "warplanes bombed late on Monday night, a building in the Al Faisaliah district and another near the North Garage and the third in the neighborhood of al-Zahra next to Mosul left," adding that "those buildings was regulation taken Kmaqrat him." She added that "the very serious damage caused to the buildings that have been targeted by the international airline alliance." And the extent of casualties among Daesh after the last air attack, the sources indicated that they do not have information in this regard, attributed to the fact that the bombing occurred in the late hours of the night and that the organization is quick in such cases to hide any trace of its losses.