Hours separated from broadcast radio "liberation" and Mosalion await word which Abadi

Twilight News / Iraqi Media Network is preparing to launch a broadcast radio edit of Mosul hand Qayyarah liberated after a few hours.
It is expected that the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi address him through the radio directed to the people of Mosul. Official broadcast frequencies and satellite Mohammed Salman said in a statement to the Twilight News, said that "all the work of radio technical issues this morning has been completed, and that the coming hours will witness the start of work." He explained that "the radio broadcast will be directed to the people of the city of Mosul trapped under the control of the organization Daesh with the approaching date of the edits." In turn, the public relations officer in the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations Brigadier General Abdul Razak Muzaffar Nomani, said that "radio edit Mosul will include broadcast awareness programs that help citizens to protect themselves and cooperate with the security forces waiting for the zero hour to start the attack on the organization," he explained. Iraq and rally the troops on the outskirts of Mosul, in preparation for the start of the broad military campaign to regain Mosul, Iraq's second city, organized Daesh.