Dhi Qar directed to stop the distribution of the damaged rice and form a committee to investigate the arrival

Twilight News / face first deputy governor of Dhi Qar just Aldechala on Tuesday the general branch of the company for the distribution of food products to stop the distribution of material damaged rice on citizens process, announcing the formation of a committee to investigate how the arrival of the affected quantities to maintain stores.
He Aldechala in a statement responded to the Twilight News, "The shipment of rice which arrived in the province stores and coming from the ports of Basra suffers from the presence of mold in a part of these shipping (15%)," noting that "the new shipment was impounded and not distributed to citizens until the completion of the process of investigation and disclosure of how they arrive. " He added that "the province has formed a committee made up of commercial Audit Department and the Office of the Inspector to address the Ministry of Commerce to find out why the arrival of material rice unfit for human consumption to maintain the stores," stressing the "hold negligent and take the maximum penalties against violators." Aldechala He continued that "the General Company for distribution of food products continuing to distribute rice to the citizens of inventories, which is owned and assigned to the Office of the Inspector General and the Department of Commercial Compliance to oversee the distribution process in order to avoid the occurrence of any error in the distribution process." The Iraqi Trade Ministry on Monday denied reports he had imported Indian rice shipment is fit for human consumption, stressing that the shipment intact and underwent the usual procedures for examination by international companies engaged in this task.