The Department of Immigration: The Return (186,635) thousand displaced families to inhabit places in the three provinces and some parts of Nineveh

It revealed the Ministry of Displacement and Migration on the latest statistical data on displaced families returning to their original places of domicile in the liberated areas of Daesh terrorist gangs reached (186,635) thousand families, according to the Department of Affairs Back ministry official

Hammoudi said Mahjoub told Nun news reporting about the return of (186 635) thousand displaced families to their areas of origin in the provinces (Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and judicial drunk, Sinjar, hand in the province of Nineveh) Qayyarah.

He restricted that the number of families returning from displacement emergency represented by (64 325) thousand families to the province of Anbar and (88 086) thousand back in Salahuddin province and family (24 624) thousand attributable in Diyala province, the family as well as the return of (9600) Thousands of returnee families in judicial drunk, Sinjar, hand in the province of Nineveh Qayyarah.

He noted that the ministry has called on families returning to their original homes in the provincial review of the ministry's branches in the provinces to register and to document their return.

Agency Nun special