British soldiers will not be subject to the laws of "human rights."

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May on Tuesday that Britain will take measures to exempt military personnel from the European humanitarian law to avoid being subjected to arbitrary prosecutions related to foreign conduct their operations.

The bill would allow the British to the military not to submit to the European Convention on Human Rights , while taking part in conflicts abroad, based on an assessment of conditions in each of the cases.

Said May in a statement: "My government will in order to be recognized for our excellent work you do. Those who are serving on the front lines will have the our support when they return to the country."

He continued: "Senbadelhm gratitude Jamilna and we will put an end to the system of malicious complaints chased who served in previous conflicts."

The project, which was announced during the meeting in Birmingham , central England , the Conservative Party conference, to prevent the lifting of complaints against the British armed forces based on "false accusations , " according to the defense minister Michael Fallon.

Fallon said: "Our judicial system has been exploited for making false accusations to our soldiers in a generalized", as quoted by "AFP."

He continued: "This caused great suffering of people risked their lives to protect us, and cost taxpayers millions, and there is a serious risk that prevents the armed forces to complete its work."

The government made clear in its statement that the British military will continue to adhere to the provisions of the Geneva Conventions , despite exemption from the European Convention on Human Rights.

And established London Authority called it "historic allegations team in Iraq , " an expensive investigation into the accusations, directed by Iraqi civilians to British soldiers guilty of human rights violations during the period between the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the departure of combat troops from the country in 2009.

On March 31, 2016 The body was conducting investigations into the 1374 case of ill - treatment and the
disappearance and killing, and has so far settled 326 cases and provide compensation total value of 20 million pounds sterling (approximately 23 million euros).