Iranian newspaper headlines on Tuesday

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Tuesday, 10.04.2016.


Iran, Germany sign 10 documents of economic and trade cooperation

Iran produce up to 4 million barrels of crude oil

Erdogan: developed countries closed their borders to refugees

Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance triumphed in 2000 on the enemy and prevented him from achieving any of its objectives and achieved its goals

Kayhan Arab

Larijani: America play with terrorism and the international alliance to fight the lie

Gen. Jafari: Our people taught the major powers and Mstkipri the world an important lesson during the Sacred Defense

Huthi: Emirates covet the south to control it and the United States, Saudi Arabia 's oil east for stealing our areas

Zionist enemy: Qassem Soleimani appreciated and respect for all spectra of the Iranian political map


Came the Germans ... it was signed 10 agreements

Following the cancellation of sanctions ... the first shipment of Iranian oil delivered to the "BP"

Putin 's comment "nuclear plutonium" agreement with the United States


Dr. Larijani: West plays with terrorism nor Akavha

Erdogan required to launch Morsi released in exchange for normalization of relations with Egypt

Syrian Prime Minister: Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the face of terrorism in the region


Killing 50 civilians after a US attack on Deir al - Zour

Appellate Court rejects request for release submitted by agents Sheikh Salman about stopping rule arrest

British demonstrating against the government Theresa May


Majlis Speaker: nuclear agreement reason economic growth

Washington reconciliation with Cuba and Colombia to the Saudis lessons

Law to change the railway US - Saudi relations

Jomhuri - ye Eslami

Iran 's efforts to raise oil prices

Larijani: nuclear deal cause economy to grow by 5%

Promote German economic and industrial - Iranian relations by removing obstacles Banking


Head of the Judiciary in Iran: What should have been allowed to the Minister of the German economy to enter Iran

Gen. Jafari: Security today owes resistance in the holy defense phase

Trump accuses Clinton of betraying her husband Clinton


US Almqtalat committed a massacre in Deir al - Zour against Syrian civilians

52 people were killed in unprecedented demonstrations against the Ethiopian government

Colombian people reject reconciliation with FARC rebels

Homeland Emrouz

General Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards: the effects of resistance of the Iranian people are already evident in Europe

Hungary refused to receive refugees

Daesh foil terrorist plans in Baghdad in the month of Muharram