Pentagon confirms the bombed sites "for victory" in Idlib

Defence Ministry confirmed Alomrieckih "Pentagon" that the raids targeted sites for the Front victory near the Syrian city of Idlib Monday, October 3 / October.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence Peter Cook that a US air strike targeted the leadership of Abu Faraj Egyptian victory in front in Idlib.
For its part , he acknowledged the death of the leader mentioned the victory target after his car by two missiles from unmanned aircraft in Idlib , north Syria
And Abu Faraj al- Masri appeared on the right of the leader of the Front victory , Abu Mohammed Joulani end of July / Tmosalmadi, in a statement in which the latter announced the severing of the front link to al Qaeda.
And the name of Abu Faraj Egyptian real is Ahmad Salama Mabruk Abdel Razek, and is one of the most prominent leaders and legislators to organize "Ajafh", was arrested in the days of the late Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, was sentenced to life imprisonment in Egypt , the issue of "Returnees from Albania".
And he left Abu Faraj al- Masri from prison under a presidential amnesty from the isolated President Mohamed Morsi, and contributed to the establishment of Ansar Bayt al- Maqdis in Egypt on the instructions of Ayman al - Zawahiri , al - Qaeda leader, then left to Afghanistan and from there to Syria and joined the victory to become a senior leader in it.
The Russian agencies had indicated earlier to the Egyptian killed in the southwestern region of Idlib near Jisr, raid (unidentified after) targeted his car.