Where to invest?

4/10/2016 0:00

Hussein Tgb

Accommodates talk about the Investment Department and all interested experts taking its importance from different angles and achieve the positives to move the labor market and achieve sustainable economic development awaits the country since Acod.valastosmar backbone for the advancement of the country's economy, and this is something to hide on the near and far, as it comes Baltqanat sophisticated, capital and expertise new to facilitate the implementation of the various services and productive projects process which we desperately need.

And as long as we recognize the need for investment and the interest accruing from it, why we are far with him? Despite the legislation, the Investment Law No. 13 of 2006 and its amendments did not find investments commensurate with the ambition and although there are many temptations to invest in Iraq and this is perceived by international companies well, but there are exhibitors preclude the presence of the global effort advanced to the vast yard work in Iraq.

Everyone knows that the capital is described as "cowardly" and this means that it is only in the case provide an ideal working environment and to ensure that the dues away from all forms of influences that investment away from its path Asahih.valmtaatba of the reality of the case classified and specialized international companies is well aware that it will not work in an environment that is moving the country at this time, because the first her condition to do business and there is free from all forms of bureaucracy and the effects that accompany them, and that we must work to achieve them first and then look for the quality of the implemented business world class investment and within the specified time periods in order to refer the project, come out by the economic entity environment default his age serves the developmental process Hakiqih.oma us today is directed serious and real embraced by the private and public sectors is a diagnosis of the main determinants that prevent the presence of specialized international companies and work on them as soon as possible, to start Hakiqih.valastaanh investment process of international companies that do not carry a global and newly emerging rated not lead to build a solid economy commensurate with the capabilities of Iraq and the possession of wealth, but wasted effort and money without interest, which will be the goal of such companies to obtain financial gain, nor lend importance of contractual and reputation of its obligations, and here must move away from such companies that are spread widely in The world is waiting for the opportunities here and there to achieve their goals.

Iraq demands communion with specialized international companies and the creation of its basic requirements and the eradication of all forms of negative impact of the work sites, to begin the process of verification of investment beneficial to the economy of Iraq and be with the participation of the local effort, to gain new experiences that help in the implementation of the business world class.