Monitor the convertibility of the dollar Offices

economy 03/10/2016

Baghdad , Tariq al - Araji yielded coordination between the Iraqi Central Bank and the Treasury and the Federal Bank of the Americans on the status of 300 and the Office of the company to convert the currency on the black list proceeded to transfer kickbacks to people suspects in areas under the control of terrorists.

Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords said in a statement to «morning» : this «coordination is happening for the first time, as was the rules for the exchange of information on the movement of money put through the benefit of a layer US Federal Bank 's program to follow up on the US dollar 's movement in accordance with the serial number printed on each sheet».

Keywords noted that « the central bank and by linking with the US Federal constantly receiving information in the case go remittances to people in a restricted and occupied areas by «Daesh» are to stop these transfers as if the amount went to the connector or others areas only under the control of the terrorist gangs, Vnoagaf these remittance », indicating that« the process contributed to stop couriers and there are nearly 300 companies have been put on the black list because of this information. » As revealed «coordinate with the Council of the judiciary and the security agencies to fight this dangerous phenomenon».