Kurdish leader: Barzani delegation visited Baghdad to protect American tight

2016/10/3 15:59

[Oan- Baghdad]

Kurdish leader, said the delegation of the Kurdistan region, who visited Baghdad last week revealed it was to protect American tight.

It was a senior political delegation headed by Barzani visited Baghdad last Thursday.

The Secretary-General of the Socialist Party - the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Mohammed Haji Mahmoud, a member of the delegation province in Baghdad, in a press statement, that "the United States expressed its full support for the visit of a delegation of Kurdistan to Baghdad, where they were going and the second leg of the delegation US backing."

Haji said that "the delegation of the Kurdistan region went to Baghdad and returned via the private American aircraft, distinctive attributes."

He continued, "When we arrived at the Baghdad airport, the US has equipped six helicopters, members of the delegation boarded the three of them, while allocated the other three to protect us in the sky, until we arrived at the US embassy, ​​and there were several private cars waiting for us, to take us to places of meetings." .