Oil Minister confirms the need to proceed with increasing refinery output and improve gasoline

2016/10/3 15:26

{Baghdad: Oil Minister Euphrates news} Jabbar Ali Hussein allaibi confirmed the need to move forward with increasing refinery output and improve local gasoline and reduce the proportion of imported by adding new production units.

The oil Ministry said in a statement received {Euphrates news} ", allaibi terrace room meeting to attend public directors proxies ".

During the meeting, the Minister said "we have a strong and integrated plan of action aims to develop the oil sector in the country, stressing" the need to move forward towards their goals through teamwork in order to develop the oil sector in the country.".

"We will work to overcome the obstacles that hinder the development of the oil sector", noting "the need to resume national effort within the Ministry's companies in order to achieve the objectives set for the development of this important sector in the country." .

He stressed the need to "proceed to increase and improve local product of gasoline progressively because of its positive impact on the citizen on the one hand and on the country's economy by reducing the proportion of imported and therefore provide funds to the country's budget on the other" .

Allaibi stressed the need to "implement projects related to refineries and to find practical solutions and quick for reluctant contracts and expedite the resolution refer the refineries that have been posted in some provinces which aims to increase national production of petroleum products".