Attempts to include balancing Basra 10% of oil revenues


Parliamentary sources said that a series of contacts between the Parliament and the Presidency of the Council of Basra on request include conservative budget 10% share of oil revenues.

The source said that there were attempts to pass that request under budget after the interaction of Presidium and a group of deputies in the sender's book will be released by Basra's legal department to indicate the possibility of passing after hitting a Government budget and discussed within the Commission.

She was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Magda Tamimi, llmrbed revealed on 28 September 2016 full support for President demands Basra Franck morning to devote 10 percent of revenues from oil production, noting that Basra is considered the first oil-producing province, as well as damages caused by the extraction and export of oil and that it was unfair to treat Basra provincial treatment of budgets and financial allocations.

Head of Basra, Franck, announced on 27 September 2016 to send a formal letter to the Presidium of the House of representatives, for the purpose of allocating a percentage of not less than 10% of oil production revenues to the Government of the province of Basra, instead of five dollar amounts in previous years benefit not received.