The territorial Government pay $ 37 million to a Norwegian oil company

2016-10-03, 11:41

Pursue balance news

De said. or Norwegian, Monday, 37.40 million dollars it received from the Government of Kurdistan Iraq as payment for deliveries of crude oil in July to export markets of taukei field.

Includes the amount that will be divided proportionally between de. or its partner ginelle energy 31.37 million dollars monthly for July deliveries and 6.03 million dollars for reimbursement later from previous deliveries.

The average production of tauki field in July Alpha 117 and 299 barrels of oil per day from 117 000 and 580 drums have been allocated daily for export, up from the June production levels reached 114 thousand barrels a day and 384 113 included alpha and 106 barrels for export.

There are still late dues to the territorial Government for June deliveries to 8.41 million dollars worth of export markets. Total invoice amount $ 38.41 million June was $ 30 million payment on the 8th of August 2016