Iraq and the United Nations agree to replace ozone-depleting production lines

2016/10/3 11:24

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} health and Environment Ministry agreed with the United Nations Industrial development environment equip Iraqi ministries wemo'ossat private sector production lines and materials required to move to the Clipboard uses the ozone layer.

According to a statement by the Director of environmental education and information service of the Prince of the goldfinch, received {Euphrates news} copies Monday to the Ministry of health and the environment during a meeting agreed with the representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for the environment on the implementation of the Convention on its systems by Iraq and ozone for the replacement product lines and materials of the ozone-depleting industries. "

The meeting in Baghdad in the presence of representatives of the ministries concerned stressed providing the United Nations Industrial Development Organization for environment friendly equipment llabiaeh for the ozone layer to be replaced in the ministries of public almo'ossat in addition to the private sector ".

"Barf" Convention for the protection of the ozone layer, which sincere Iraq to join her and taken into effect allowing Iraq benefit from the support of the international organization in this agreement related industries transition to environmentally-friendly industries and to refrain from the use of ozone-depleting substances.

With the ozone Division official said the technical department Kazim Thunder, who chaired the meeting that "the efforts of the Ministry of health and environment teams through workshops for public and private companies in the field of introduction of ozone-depleting substances and ways to use alternatives besides Porsche owners processing maintenance chillers and refrigerators equipment and materials prescribed by International Convention.

The Convention for the protection of the ozone layer is one of the most important conventions that regulate her Iraq and took effect since 2008.