Honest: America seeks to divide Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon

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The head of the parliamentary bloc MP Hassan Salem honest, Monday, that seeks to divide Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, all expectations and has featured. Salim said L / balance News /, "The United States is the ever for its conspiratorial on Iraq and its divisive." He added that "terrorist gangs Daesh to wane, and the United States are considering the alternative," he said, adding that "America does not want Iraq stand on his feet, but the country is weak and divided." He continued, "There are those who seek to fragmentation and division of Nineveh province to the regions, which is unacceptable and will not allow it and will fail vigorously those who care," pointing out that "all things are contained, especially the United States exercised its role in the division and the best proof of what is happening in the region in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen ". The House of Representatives has passed a resolution to prevent the division of the province of Nineveh at the present time until the completion of its liberation from the terrorist organization Daesh, will have to maintain heaped decision in Chapter 29 after Altharir.anthy From: Flaih slain