Barzani's visit to Baghdad ..

Barzani's visit to Baghdad .. one house, or Petain not separated by a wall, or neighbors in one neighborhood
Adel Abdul-Mahdi / visiting professor Massoud Barzani, President of Kurdistan, the high and the delegation accompanying him to Baghdad have extreme significance and importance. It may be motivated by the difficult situation in Kurdistan and Iraq .. or the boot of the Battle of Mosul and then, especially after the agreement between the Ministries of Defense and the Peshmerga on detailed plans .. or to inform Baghdad once again the difficulties of troubled partnership relations .. or all of these things. The visit comes after visits included Washington and Ankara, France, and there are a recent visit to Tehran.
Stresses the Kurds in officially and publicly on two things: the first partnership, and say they are frustrated, claiming they do not get their rights from Baghdad .. Baghdad says that the reason for the differences is that the behavior distending the province wants partnership in Baghdad without a partnership in Arbil. They say that -thania- stumbled partnership pays Arbil to put the referendum and independence issues, to be offset by a growing trend in Baghdad, Irbil that Tstensva and flustered by the disruption of our decisions.
This is about our present and our future .. and we all have to move away from the courtesies and simplification and emotions that do not see the mistakes and the rights and interests of others, but you see the mistakes of others and their rights and interests only .. and put Altoapt and facts, and the possible and the impossible:
1. The right of any report of the people of his future .. Divorce right, despite his hatred, and we must prevent it as much as possible, but that the imposition of the same, it must exercise responsibility and a sense of high-interest, not one party but to all the parties.
2. subjected to the pressures of our region, and the collapse of equations and balances, maps, and Iraq is not immune to it, but is in her heart .. which puts the responsibility on everyone realistic and principled and courageous thinking about how to ensure the unity and the interests of Iraq and all Iraqis. Modern Iraq was founded on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, and agreements "Sykes-Picot" 1917, and "Paris," 1919, and "San Remo" in 1920 on the one hand, etc., on the other hand, the popular and national wills, national and local aspirations, uprisings, revolutions, a revolution of Sharif Hussein (1916) Sheikh Mahmoud (1919) and twenty (1920), etc., that have been able to defend certain rights, and failed in others because of differences and divisions, and blurred vision, which make us the legacy of complex and heavy, and allowed the forces of the victorious and new policies and dictates us and we pay for it.
3. remain peoples and nationalities of Iraq and the region and creeds and religions, present and future as it was historically, contiguous and overlapping in essential not separation or dissolution of them, regardless of their politics and patterns of relationships .. On the other hand remain her privacy and independence in a lot of its own affairs, regardless of its ties and its tires monotheistic . How coordination and toning and tuning between the fact of unity and shared the one hand, and the fact that the independence and privacy on the other hand? These facts can not jump on them, and yelling slogans and fallacies. Unless we deal with our consciousness realism and future visions, Vsvrdha fact we, as imposed by the former .. Vnfkd history, geography, interests and future, to become projects for others, not for ourselves projects.
4. Ithirhma Kurds are two things, future and present: future requires conditions of Kurdistan, Iraqi and regional .. The referendum is not a taboo .. has put forward agreement "Sefer / France" (08.10.1920-Moad62-64 Section III), but the British Mandate of Iraq ( 1919 "Paris" peace Conference, Article 22, and the Conference of San Remo / Italy -25 / 4/1920), and the settlement with Turkey as an independent state ( "Lausanne," 1923), and other things, changed the balance of power options "victors", preferring to deal with countries and entities large instead Tdzotha, and taking advantage of local powers differences. Today must unite our word and our visions, at least, to fortify ourselves and face the consequences of settlements and get out of them all, stronger and more achieve the aspirations of our peoples and their interests. As for the present, the Kurds have voted enthusiastically to the 2005 Constitution, the guarantor of basic rights and interests, and unity of the country and its interests .. The problem is not mainly in the framework of the mosque, but in the men's applications and distractions, which everyone assumes its responsibilities, and that the degrees. Especially since the Kurds still insist that Baghdad remains basically their door, and the focus of their strategy and the way of resolving the current and future problems. And that this level visit is the declaration of a desire to activate the partnership constitutional institutionalization.
Aftrham possibilities of the future does not precede the present processors, necessary to cope with both, and a vision and private universities of the geography, history and common future and interests .. Let's start with what is the need for the introduction of all things, and we put each ordered redress, do not offer the vehicle on the horse, then the horse will not go, and will not advance Cart, losing any present and future.