President of the Republic congratulates the Iraqi people as the "National Day"
21:15:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

He congratulated President Fuad Masum, Sunday, the Iraqi people on the occasion of "National Day" , which falls tomorrow, stressing that progress towards building a state of "modern and developed democratic federal" check "dignity" for all Iraqis.

Masum said in a statement that " on the occasion of the Iraqi National Day , which marks his arrival tomorrow , the third Monday of the month of October and coincides with Neil Iraq 's national independence on this day in 1932 and accepted as a member of the League of Nations after the end of the British Mandate it, I extend to you my warmest congratulations on this glorious occasion. "

He wished President Masum, the Iraqi people "total victory over terrorism and the liberation of every inch of the homeland from the clutches of gangs criminal and success in re - displaced people to their homes and rebuild the country, and the progress and confident with determination towards building a modern developed democratic federal state to guarantee the rights of citizenship and protection of all components and achieve social justice economic prosperity and a decent life for all Iraqis. "

He added , " On this occasion , dear, And as I extend my highest gratitude and salute the brave for our heroes from all formations of the armed forces and popular crowd and the Peshmerga and volunteers on the battlefronts, I stand in tribute to the martyrs of our righteous also salute our people of all classes and its components and generations for their sacrifices and endured the suffering of the order protect the independence and sovereignty of their country, I also call to deepen the understanding and cooperation , dialogue and unity. "