Iraq used for solar energy to solve the dilemma of electricity


Baghdad-Iraqi electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects Sunday, putting up 12 locations in the provinces of Central, South and West of the country to foreign and domestic investment for solar energy, to produce a thousand megawatts in the first stage.

He said captured suspects that "MEW identified 12 locations as investment opportunities for investors of solar power in Baghdad, Diwaniyah and Dhi Qar, Muthanna, Anbar, Saladin.

And increase the suffering of Iraqis and especially the thousands of displaced people in different provinces due to poor power supply to houses and camps that lack basic infrastructure for temporary housing.

The Minister said that "investment opportunities posed in front of investors and aim through the project in its initial phase to produce a thousand megawatts of electric power and working to expand the project.

"The project will be through investment by companies and investors have put conditions for investing in this project, notably the cost of kilowatt electricity producer value of 3.5 cents a 50 MW and a complete eight months from the date of signing the contract.

And energy production plants and transmission lines to major damage because of fighting in the northern provinces of Salahuddin, Anbar (West) between Government forces and militant Islamic State for two years straight.

The Iraqi Government estimated the total losses suffered by electric energy organization along with the necessary funds to rehabilitate the affected projects (production, transport and distribution) by about 5.9 billion dollars.

Iraq spent about 40 billion dollars over 12 years to power file according to a Government report released in 2013, but most provinces still suffering from power outages for more than 12 hours a day.

Graduated in several Iraqi provinces sustained demonstrations protesting the low basic services, including electricity, water and health.

The Iraqi Government is facing severe social pressures under its inability to meet domestic demand of electricity in the light of continuing shortages aggravated the suffering of Iraqis.

The Government does not possess Haidar Abadi apparently urgent solutions to this dilemma, especially as they face a financial crisis by retreating oil prices along with rising cost of war on the Islamic State.