Parliamentary security demands to closely follow the work of foreign companies in Basra.

Sunday 2 October 2016-04:12 pm

The parliamentary security and Defence Committee, called leadership and police operations in Basra need to follow the work of foreign security companies operating in the province.

He said Iraq, who arrived in Basra's Governor Sunday during a press conference at mission control after Marbad radio reporter attended the meeting with security chiefs in the province that there is some security and civilian staff working in foreign companies entering the province and unaccounted for.

Iraq also disclosed about the lack of a database security institutions in Basra about the foreign and local security companies working in the province, said there were more than 700 foreign and domestic companies operating in the province with many security companies over which the company 48 more than 75 foreigners working in security and they have more than 65 000 different wheel types and 17 thousand pieces and foreign labor didn't organize their exact shape.

In Basra, meanwhile, a Deputy called Mazen Al-Mazini need to be for my command operations and the police role in managing that file and database should be distributed to those institutions, this work cannot be limited to an employee in the Office of security clearances.

This file holds the suspicions of corruption and that it must be pursued from the competent security algaht.

In turn the Basra Operations Commander Lieutenant General Jamil Kaur to drive developed a full programme on security clearances for foreign companies.

The programme includes the Ministry of Interior, intelligence and other security agencies working directly with national security a prominent role in reducing violations that accompany this file.