Yokhna: the Council of Ministers will hold two sessions in a row this week to resolve the budget and delivered to Parliament.

2016/2/10 14:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} revealing decision House Deputy Imad yokhna to Cabinet this week will hold two sessions in a row to finish balancing file 2017 and delivered to the House.

He said the yokhna {Euphrates news}, on Sunday, that "we understand that the Government this week, the federal budget will be handed over to Government House General after making modifications.

He also held cabinet meetings on Monday and mtalittin next Tuesday for the purpose of updating amendments to budget bill and then send it to Parliament, "expected to" witness this week's house recognizes federal budget. "

The parliamentary Finance Committee decision was Tabitha assured, balancing 2017 replica of boosting {2015-2016}, being too close to the non-oil revenues in those years.

The Cabinet was approved during the regular meeting chaired by Chairman Haidar Abadi on 27 September last, to amend the budget bill 2017; $ 42 a barrel, and the export ceiling 3,750,000 barrels, as will reduce expenses to 90,224 trillion dinars, and the size of indebtedness to 5,608 trillion dinars