Deputy calls for Abadi in activating the memorandum of understanding on retrieving looted funds


The Deputy called the National Alliance, Zaher Abadi, Sunday, Prime Minister Haider Abadi expedite operationalization of the memorandum of understanding with the United Nations development programme to recover looted funds in Iraq.

Ibadi said in a statement today, the Prime activating the memorandum of understanding with the United Nations development programme for the recovery of looted funds and involving international investigators in major corruption files to access facts and exposing the names of spoilers involved in waste of public money in previous epochs of political governance in Iraq after 2003. "

He noted that "the Iraqi people today looking forward to these details as there are inflated capital became the prominent political and business figures and thus not disclosing these names will provide an opportunity for those who are accustomed to plunder

The Iraqi people's money to conduct business in the coming years. "

Abbadi stressed "huge funds entered Iraq estimated at more than 800 billion was Iraq could be much better at all levels but we found and we saw the opposite of him actually fact security service degradation which resulted in many serious negative issues on the reality of the country and destroy its sovereignty in some Iraqi provinces besides Iraq's financial crisis.

And invited the Prime Minister to allow international investigators to take verification procedures and review all your belongings Iraqi money in previous years and uncover those involved through financial liabilities disclosed or open files, all of which it contributed effectively to the administrative and financial corruption in the era and see how the disbursement of funds and verify funds from local banks or other ways to access the facts and no names were converted. "

He noted that "this money was to balance Iraq and drawn four neighbors balancing if invested properly so requires Prime Minister Haider Abadi achieve social justice among people is that the spoilers are revealed in God does not take blame blame."