ISIS bombards Turkish troops, Popular Mobilization fighters stationed near Mosul

( Nineveh – Militants of the terrorist group of ISIS launched a mortar attack on Saturday targeting Turkish troops deployed in Iraqi territories and forces of the Popular Mobilization led by former governor of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi in a military camp near the city of Mosul.
The Iraqi Shafaq News reported that several mortar shells were fired by ISIS militants targeting the Turkish troops in Camp Zilkan north of Mosul.
The website added that the attack also targeted fighters of the Popular Mobilization, but the bombardment did not cause any losses.
The estimated number of the Turkish troops stationed at Camp Zilkan near the town of Bashiqa is 1200 soldiers.
The Iraqi government, in different occasions, firmly rejected the existence of the Turkish troops in the Iraqi territories and considered it a violation of the country’s sovereignty.
On the other hand, Turkish authorities say the troops were sent to Iraq to help in the fight against the terrorist group which controls the city of Mosul that is considered the capital of Nineveh province, and the second largest city in country.