Teaching staff in Sulaimaniya continue their demonstrations for the disbursement of financial dues
Dozens of teachers and teachers of Sulaymaniyah, today, to protest against the lack of financial dues Exchange, and have declared their refusal consistently, in conjunction with the start of the school year in the cities of Arbil and Dohuk.
And left scores of cadres teaching, Saturday, demonstrators in front of husbandry Western Region Directorate building, carrying banners calling for their salaries, lack of continuing to consistently until their demands are met , pointing to boycott the educational process in the event of ignoring their demands. On
the other hand , said the Minister of Education of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Beshetiwan honest, today, except for his participation decrees the start of the academic year in one of the schools spend a drunk, " the teachers refrain from constantly does not solve problems, so they accept these conditions that we reach to solve all the problems."
the minister said , "No one can say that conditions are good teachers, and for this, the government and the Ministry is going ahead to find appropriate solutions to this crisis. " Stressing that the ministry defend their rights in all forms , "to be provided What can teachers to continue the educational process in the Kurdistan Region."
The teachers and the teachers and staff of Sulaimaniyah staged last Tuesday , September 27, 2016 march of protest rallies in front of the city governorate building in protest at the lack of financial dues Exchange and reconsider cutting off a large portion of their salaries under the pretext of saving the forced, threatened to abstain from always to be done to respond to their demands. http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=49504