Obama to the American people: stand infallible your side and work with you to build a better future
Tarikh التحریر:: 2016/10/1
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{Baghdad: Euphrates news} us President Barack Obama via letter of thanks to President Fouad Massoum United States people parking next to Iraq, saying it was "working with you to build a better future for us all."
A statement of the Presidency of the Republic, received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "the President Fouad Massoum today, received a thank you letter from his us counterpart Barack Obama, an answer to congratulate his infallible 240 anniversary of independence of the United States."
In his letter, Obama said, addressing infallible "thank you for your kind congratulatory letter 240 anniversary of independence of the United States. As we celebrate this anniversary, we realize more than ever that what unites us together as a nation, we share with our allies and friends in all the world who celebrate them all regardless of our differences with them. "

"The United States was founded on the principles of liberty, pluralism and the rule of law and civil liberties, as our nation's builders realized value remembered annually in the sense that today to renew our commitment to democratic values."

A noted that "one look into the near and distant past events, invite us to remember that a firm and optimistic faith in progress and persistence are decisive factors in achieving our goals, and the United States people standing by you and working with you to build a better future for all of us".

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