The International Alliance performs seven strikes against Daesh in Iraq
{Baghdad} Euphrates News carried the international coalition aircraft, seven air strikes against Daesh terrorist gangs in several military breakers in Iraq.

According to a statement of the alliance , seen by the agency {Euphrates News} that "in 29 of the month of September / September and in coordination with and to support the Iraqi government , coalition forces conducted seven strikes in Iraq Mstammelta planes attack and launchers and fighter jets and aircraft march remote."
He explained that "strikes carried out against al Daesh in Iraq , as summarized below, where the strike carried out near - based, destroyed amassed machine guns caliber of Daesh, and blow near Bashir, targeted unit tactical Daesh and my mobilize and destroyed the excavator, and was a coalition of three strikes near Mosul, targeting three tactical units to Daesh and destroyed six buildings controlled by Aldoaash and two compounds, and wheel, and inflicted damage strikes tunnel and Osamtaat mortar. "
He continued , " The coalition aircraft also carried out the strike near Ramadi targeted a unit tactical Daesh and two combat troops and two buildings destroyed as hurt trenches system and Osamtaat unit tactical separate, as the aircraft carried out the strike near Tal Afar wheel Daesh destroyed . "End quote.
he explained , " that " the term" strike "in the liberation of joint task force means interaction kinesthetic one or more almost got in the same geographical location and resulted in to bring about the result of one or more consecutive manner, the destination site. That is to say if the use of ammunition and one against one car to organize Daesh is a blow. "
And" as it is one strike if the use of many of the planes used dozens of shells of bombed a group of buildings, cars and existing weapon systems in the compound resulting in the conversion The complex {} installations or unfit for use. "
He noted that" joint task force - torque steel process does not remember varieties , or the number of aircraft or the number of munitions were used during the strike. It also does not say how many craters ammunition at the target, and are classified as fire ground cannons to respond to sources hostile fire or to support working in the field forces blow in accordance with the definition of "strike" in the Joint Task Force - steel determination process.
"We have been carried out strikes As part of the steel determination process aimed at destroying al - Daesh and remove the threat posed by Iraq, and Syria, and the international community as a whole.
the statement concluded that " the destruction of targets for Daesh in Syria and Iraq , limiting their ability to carry out terrorist acts, noting that countries that participated in strikes against Daesh in Iraq are all from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States ".anthy