US official reviews the liberalization of Mosul plan to Congress

Twilight News / Deputy US Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, said his country was keen to "do not enter" factions of the popular crowd or the Peshmerga forces to the city of Mosul during the editing process.
He said during questioning by the Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Senate hearing (one of two Congress), "Iraqi security forces are going to be the basis of the force that liberated Mosul, backed by the alliance and the attribution of the Peshmerga," without explaining how it will lead the latter to provide the cross during the Battle of Mosul without entering to her.
He said Blinken Mosul process "culmination" of a campaign to fight Daesh in Iraq, pointing out that the US administration is working to train and equip 15 thousand of the Sunni tribes to take over the functions of the city after cleared of regulation.
He stressed that the factions of the popular crowd and Kurdish Peshmerga will not enter the city of Mosul, he said, adding "we saw reprisals committed by the popular crowd forces therefore keen to not enter the popular crowd forces and the same for the Peshmerga."
He pointed to the existence of "tribal elements are training and arming and annexation (the operations) in order to get 15 thousand of them to be the majority force that runs the city (Mosul), if freed," without further details on these training operations.
Earlier announced the head of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, the province of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, in a press conference, the agreement on the military plan for the upcoming operation to liberate Mosul, without notice to the substance of that plan.
The two officials did not mention during the conference on whether you reached a certain formula in order to manage the liberated areas after the elimination of «regulation» in Mosul.
People crowd also faces a (pro-government Shi'ite forces), criticism from politicians and local residents committing "violations" against Sunni civilians in areas that are being restored from the organization, which raises fears of their participation in the liberation of Mosul or continuation at after liberation.
Since May / May the past, the Iraqi government began to pay military Bhchudat near Mosul, part of plans to restore control, and says that she will regain the city from the organization before the end of the year.