Deputy optical: Barzani agreed with al-Abadi on the State of Kurdistan

Twilight News / revealed the independent MP for the province of Basra, Mohammed al-Tai, holding "undeclared" agreements included in the visit of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to Baghdad.
He wrote al-Tai, published on his site "Facebook", that there are agreements "unannounced" has during the visit of Barzani of them agree on the "state of Kurdistan" in principle, as well as to try to form a new coalition between the Democratic Kurdistan and some of the parties to the National Alliance, like the old, top, advocacy wing Prime Minister, and the Sadrists, but with conditions. He said al-Tai, that this agreement is a message for other forces (objecting), that new alliance will be influential in the equations and conditions and new understandings, noting that they vary depending on the political bloc and the control of power on the ground, according to the source.
He concluded Tai encyclical, "O people of Basra Dear independent and educated political elites Dear media people it is time to know the conditions and factors agreements."