The arrest of suspects of criminal offenses, including murder and robbery Baalbesrh

It announced the police directorate in Basra on Saturday that its forces had arrested a number of those accused of criminal offenses , including murder and robbery during a security crackdown carried out in different areas of the province.
According to the directorate said in a statement, he has to "police forces carried out intensive security crackdown led to the arrest of those accused of criminal offenses in different parts of the province , " indicating that "one of them charged with murder , was arrested in the stronghold area, was also arrested another accused murder in hand whey within the district of Qurna. "
She drew the Directorate that " the police also arrested two accused of theft in terms of the euphoria within the district of the Shatt al - Arab, and in the Republic area were arrested another accused of theft , " adding that " to spend the city has seen the arrest of three suspects in possession of a pistol, and in the hand Safwan was arrested four suspects were traveling in a truck carrying cement without official statements. "