Security Council to discuss a draft French resolution on Syria

I discussed five major powers in the UN Security Council a draft French resolution on Syria, that the discussions would continue at the expert level.

French project focuses on the situation in Aleppo (northern Syria) which is witnessing bombardment relentlessly waged by the Syrian and Russian forces since the collapse of the truce sponsored by Washington and Moscow.

France hopes to present Monday its project , which focuses on the tragic situation in Aleppo, to all the 15 member countries of the Security Council.

At the first meeting of the ambassadors of the five permanent members of the Security Council (United States, Russia, Britain, France and China), Russia did not submit an objection in principle to the text, and asked for more time to study it in detail. One diplomat said " the Russians did not appear initial opposition."

The draft resolution calls for the restoration of a cease-fire, according to the agreement between the United States and Russia on September 9, in order to allow humanitarian access without hindrance to trapped in areas controlled by the opposition factions neighborhoods, and stop overflights by warplanes over Aleppo.

For the third day in a row US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke by telephone with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov , who has
not announced whether he bombardment of Aleppo (north) will stop.