Lebanese press on Saturday

Addressed the Lebanese newspapers Saturday morning 01.10.2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the private emerging in the presidential's political developments after the return of MP Saad Hariri to the country, and launched a new political negotiating track, and most recently a meeting yesterday with the head of Change and Reform bloc MP Michel Aoun in Rabieh

Hariri: I have my duties .. go to a third option!
Do you miss «March 8» .. opportunity Aoun and Franjieh?

Ambasserottan newspaper this address I wrote the ambassador says , "Saad Hariri came out, overnight, from the mound, which is more convinced than ever that if he put himself between the comparison is a must, inevitably opting to« first Habiba »Suleiman Franjieh, but« realism » make it, today and tomorrow, much closer to the «beloved second» Michel Aoun.

This leads to a simple conclusion, that the man is now at the same distance between the candidates two. This equation serve the interest of General Aoun, because he managed to impose himself on the agenda of Saad Hariri 's political personal agenda.

A year ago, the scene was not. Franjieh returned from Paris and slept president not only once adopted by the leader of the «future», but also from the international and regional capitals, so that the President of France Khabrh for a quarter of an hour and congratulating inquiring ..

In early autumn 2016, changed Saad Hariri accounts. During his meetings , which included Franjieh and Walid Jumblatt and Nabih Berri, Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun, repeat personal political novel itself , which seems to have become saves by heart, and make it the subject of admiration when they listen to the political vocabulary. The facts presented demonstrate that dire straits, it is not looking for a solution to a wide open political crisis since the thirty months, but for a way out of personal crisis , can make its affairs more difficult in the next phase.

Saad al - Hariri without his presence in the heart of the decisions of the «Grand Serail» will not only be able to produce a parliamentary bloc not to exceed fifteen deputies at best. «Back» to Lebanon and «return» from then to «Saraya» of Rabieh gate, could make him pay an additional loss of mass and his movement and his street, but he has enough to re - awaken his street plan leading to the reduction of losses and compensation in the future.

Hariri takes advantage of the fact no different from the two Lebanese and externally, is to protect the Sunni moderation require you to reinstall his leadership in his street, but the obstacles or mines that hinder his path to the presidency of the multiple government , namely:

First: does not have any Lebanese party to a common interpretation of the fact that the Saudi position and ranging answers and the source of two only two (Foreign Minister Adel al - Jubeir and Saudi intelligence chief Khaled Al Humaidan), the absence of the reluctance of Saudi Arabia to adopt Aoun 's candidacy and the decision left to the Lebanese and the complete withdrawal up to say they decided and bore the responsibility of your options, and the latter, may be aspects of bra and open to more than one interpretation.

If Saudi Arabia was the station of Hariri in a tour that began last night (left Beirut at night), it seems mandatory more than ever, the most important of recommending the nomination or that, to adopt «Kingdom» clearly the return of Saad Hariri to «Saraya», ordered such is not likely Adventure nor step of throwing the ball type in the court of the Saudis, and they who do not forget the insults him and insults, the state pays the leader of « the future» for them because of the words «killer» uttered by one day for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz, is it likely a new adventure in crisis in light of its relationship with the Saudis , who no longer have influence in Lebanon in only one street calculated them in some intersections leading up to it!

Second: Apart from Riyadh 's ability and the ability of other regional capitals or international influence in the Lebanese reality, does one have an explanation for the fact that the American position and why the American ambassador did not ask in Beirut, over the week, as the date of the «center - house» to meet Saad Hariri, while initiated a number of ambassadors to request dates quickly, and most recently represented the Secretary - General of the United Nations Sigrid Kaag?

Third: all climates in « the future» (block current and street) makes Hariri uncertain of the difficulty he faced in the subject digest Franjieh nomination, this time will be doubled, Will can carry Aloclav It is guaranteed to him to make up in the near term, specifically in parliamentary elections It is on the doors?

Fourth , despite all climates Ohiat in the last hours, «Hezbollah» leadership received a clear message from Speaker Berri that the integrated basketball is crossing compulsory for any settlement. Basketball is the agenda of the dialogue: activation of the parliament and the government and understanding on the next phase. This raises questions on all candidates and not on the candidate itself, but with «General», there are introductions are necessary can not be waived, at the top of acknowledging that Parliament legit 100% and the boss is not «... ..» Is it possible to accept «Free Movement» return to government dialogue and open the doors of the House of Representatives?

Fifth: It is true that Walid Jumblatt «pragmatic» and realistic, and he was direct with Hariri when he told him to get into the heart of the matter, you want to embrace the nomination of Michel Aoun, but what about the position of my ally Nabih Berri? This situation may be interpreted as a kind of hide behind the position of President of the Council down to asking the question key: Is not there a presidential third option?

In all cases, there is a name «basket» knots, and despite all the leg - Hariri of the compelling reasons, President of the Council did not budge from his approach, asserting that they do not relate to the name of this or that candidate and that what applies to Aoun applies to Franjieh. Berri stalk many examples including how the formation of the first government of Hariri took and how many took up formation of a government single color , headed by Najib Mikati .. down to ask the same question: If you were elected Aoun as president, Saad Hariri became prime minister, without prior agreement on the next phase, what will happen when it 's time for the parliamentary elections and according to any law will be and whether we will return to the sixtieth law that would drain the glow of the Covenant in the beginning?

Contrary to impressions that prevailed in the last hours, Hariri told both the head of the party «troops» Samir Geagea and the Speaker of the House that he has not made a final decision yet, that is, it did not loose its organic association with Franjieh, the ball in the court of the leader of «Marada», if he was able to break inertia that surrounds the nomination, I'll be with him, but it is no longer acceptable continuing vacuum and inertia. At the same time I am in negotiations with General Michel Aoun stage «has been out with him to the result was not out .. Certainly , if I failed, I've had my duties. Candidates have adopted the team March 8, and we could not hold the presidential election. One does not blame me if I decided to broke my hand after he made far my best, and therefore I will be forced once again to go to the third presidential choice ».

It is clear that each of the parties that have a presence in the presidential file, does not have an accurate estimate is not for his ability and the ability of any other party nor the options available, therefore, the pros tyrant here versus cons overwhelm the other hand look, while the estimate seems accurate when the echoes that presidential road is still long, and must be a road map, especially as slips of the tongue sometimes be enough, otherwise why a confidant said of «General» that the agreement with Hariri .. «comprehensive», no longer bent only to put it «on paper»!

Saad Hariri decided to turn around Michel Aoun, and he does not feel that he met all of the concerns of the Saudi position. This rotation has many ingredients, it does not seem ripe yet.


And it dealt with the internal affairs of the day she wrote "

The news
Chapters of «naivete» Onah!

News newspaper Alabarkme addressed domestic affairs , she wrote , "Whenever drawing Aoun and his dream for the people, accused of falling into the post - delusion, and reiterates the adjective" naive " to them in politics. A week ago, after the return of Saad Hariri to the country, and launched a new political course of negotiating, in the climate of the presidential Anattafth emerging, floated on Jaddanat people and a tinge of optimism Maktoum.

But the silence did not prevent the return of the indictment: You are politically naive and presidential! Thlawson you, when you allow your minds to think once, he will be elected. Or that there be elected! Imposes a charge of research and scrutiny, why not learn to Aoun, and with him, the "illusions" experiences ?!

Over a quarter of a century, the country was sufficient facts to consider and draw lessons and learn the truth and Omtholat mirage. A quarter of a century began when guardianship tightened its grip on the country. I grabbed him by the throat and neck breath, land and structures into nations and institutions. That day, it seemed to people that that provision may perpetuate. The ruling will stay until the end of times. Between 1992 and 1996, only four years, it was enough to absorb the absolute majority of the Lebanese, in the "post" guardianship, and drop "boycott." People adjust. Troadwa and Tdjnoa. Khanguethm their pains and their needs and their fear of tyranny and reign of absolute despotism. And they increased their whole layer of "collaborators" was Ghazi Kanaan , an expert professional savvy and a specialist in the hatched, reproduce like mushrooms. Family did not convince her candidate did not leave them. And he did not leave the beta did not tempt him to the need to have at least two candidates. People walked Bokthreythm towards normalization with the guardianship. No need for evidence is not evidence of market opening and reopening the wounds and secrets. Walkers all day ... only a small handful of elections to occur, kept screaming until apnea, that the Syrian army must go.
Day detention was all reap. Cells were only chairs that occupy floors. They were more than that number. Even they overflowed their Vksroa fillets. They were a bunch of little parties. They wrote their pain literature and jails Arts suffering. They dug and dug and walls Jaddanathm and their bodies. Persevered in the face of all the danger, and all vanity. So literally embodied Gandhi equation: initially ignored despot. Then ridiculed them. And then fought them, then they were victorious!
Over a quarter of a century, even parents, came close to telling their children: What are you doing? Dwell any of your head? Any naivety move your feet and your sleeves? Do you really believe that Syria withdraw from Lebanon? Do you really thinking that the Americans will be any different with Assad for you? Or that the Saudis Sivkon their alliance with Damascus? But they did not become mired in politics equations. They contented themselves with axioms resistance. So times have changed. The triumph of "naivety" Right!
After one year, the July war came. Balance himself, and will "naive" itself. Israel, with all its hostility and venom and killing machines, and all of them are on one side. The resistance in the other tip. Michel Aoun did not hesitate. After 48 hours on the outbreak of war, declaring that man will win on the machine came out. And that the right will be defeated aggression. Again mocked him. Then, they feared his position. Until it became the "mother of Ka" a plane flying over his house. His family left the chambers of her. Pat few nights alone, in the face as the owner and regret since the tent border by more than half a century. One day, amid humble home semi - deserted, came to him a clear message: "2005, collected orphans Rustom Ghazaleh , and made them a team (on the basis that they were orphans Ghazi Kanaan in the other team, according to the source of the message). Today, it will not stay for Hassan Nasrallah orphans even to gather them. I have finished"!. He smiled before he answers immediately: They are my countrymen. Victorious with them, and defeat them. Not an option here. But the principle!
Days passed, and repeated chapters "naive" Aounist. In 2015, they told him: Samir Geagea will not come to you. Naivety that betting on a move from him. It was June 2 and meet "intentions." Then, he was told: naivete to think that Geagea can announce your support presidential candidate. January 18 was devoted to support. Then assured him: naivety that betting on Saad Hariri. It is the fourth time that awaits them what you think a promise from him to you. Then here are the circumstances and conditions of the entire region in the wind - blown differently. You can not wait for his return, not waiting for his visit, and waiting ... Anattafth naivete in politics all of that ... and it was only Bbasmth which returned them to meet in Paris in January 2014. The only certainty was that the young man an internal leader was sincere. And that the rest is history ... even the date was yesterday, and what might be after him.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow, dreams of the people of Aoun , the realization of the right, and reimbursement due. They accuse again naive in politics. What do you say man? He repeats what his memoirs seal rings within the "full story" on confided: "I spent my life stretched between despair and madness. Days and I did not hesitate to embrace what others are calculated by the craziest, to break what I see despair! "
As has been said all day . Gen. it was "crazy ... even win" ?!
Hezbollah Aoun: Berri understanding with the requirement to participate election session
Hariri at the Kremlin Tuesday after Rabieh station .. and source Awni's «General»: everything is going well
Newspaper Alloabdorha addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote "ended the first round of Saad Hariri consultations, as was indicated« Major », in Rabieh, unprecedented Bmarab, where the meeting was held for an hour and a half hours with the head of the party« Lebanese Forces »Samir Geagea, announced on the latter its impact rift that began narrowing with the head of the stream «future» about the first presidency.
With the end of the tour , which revived the search in the first presidency, and revealed «SINS alliances» and options, interests and calculations, and that the presidential elections are not also promoting Rabieh circles on October 6 th, but may go to more time to the beat of American engagement - Russian around Aleppo and labors under way in the region, in the American electoral stage, the Prime Minister directs his face bisected regional and international prospects.
On this level, I learned «brigade» that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin sets next Tuesday in the Kremlin, waiting for Ankara visit, maybe before heading to Saudi Arabia.
What happened in the mound?
Observers do not differ on the mound station is the most prominent during Hariri consultations, there are breakthroughs lineament MP Aoun and Prime «FPM» Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, rebounded shares optimism, without dropping «triggers caution», from re - shuffle the deck down to the alliances .
About the pre - meeting , he pointed out that Prime Minister Hariri focused on the development of MP Aoun in an atmosphere that touched during the first phase of consultations , which included Speaker Nabih Berri and MPs: Walid Jumblatt and Sami Gemayel, Dr. Suleiman Franjieh and Geagea.
This information is also included Prime «future» stressed the need for the descent of the House of Representatives to the Parliament and to participate in the elections, if «Hezbollah» and deputies March 8 , was in favor of Aoun 's candidacy for the presidency, they should go to the Council for this purpose.
This information is added to the media sparring between Ain fig tree and the mound and clarifications media office of President Barre, and took over the vice president of the previous board Elie Ferzli of rounded between the two men (Berri and Aoun) so about missing chemistry to fresh water between them, as well as carried by OTV station in its evening for San Aoun 's statement in response to the wild, not lost on the deliberations, though MP Aoun Menkchwe appeared in addressing this topic.
The OTV station quoted him as saying «We also announce when our faith and our commitment to the Charter and the Constitution does not aim to be a criticism of any official, but save the system and save everyone 's rights».
In response to a question by «Major», saying only source Awni results from the meeting between Hariri and Aoun «that the atmosphere was positive and candid, and everything is going well.»
Some other leading sources in «FPM» that Prime Minister Hariri come to believe we need to produce a solution and the election of a president, which in turn exercises of his influence and relationships in order to do so.
These sources said that MP Aoun does not accept any conditions imposed before the election. He said the former minister Mario Aoun's «brigade» There are serious in the presidential file, expected to be the coming days , a comma at this level.
In the opinion of my forces source said a meeting Meerab is the one who paved the «positive talks» in Rabieh. Taking large Geagea welcomed Prime Minister Hariri and which reflects the keenness on ending presidential vacancy Palanattafh, focused either during or after the meeting on what it could be Hezbollah 's position on the seriousness of Aoun 's candidacy, and the closest of the hour of truth. Geagea noted that no final position close to Prime Minister Hariri, but «we are now at the beginning of the road».
Prime troops did not hide his belief that Hezbollah does not want President does not want Aoun president, rejecting the position of Hezbollah refused to receive the troops interior ministries, defense , saying: «This is not acceptable in toto logic, no one can refuse anything to one, and we are deprived ago 30 years old, and today we have to make up for everything ».
Ayn al
Woke appointed fig tree on the intervention of the political party allied to curb the deterioration of the tension between Speaker Berri and General Michel Aoun, was the first Ghaith statement issued by the Information Office of the President of the Council and that the «no disagreement personally between Speaker Berri Wi - presidential candidate, and that his commitment to the agenda of the dialogue is not aimed at a candidate particular, but mandatory corridor for the stability of the political situation and the preservation of the constitutional institutions, and of the solution integrated starting with the election of President, this is the concept of basketball ».
But Aounist returned sources said that General Aoun does not accept any preconditions imposed it, not in what singled out the distribution of ministries and leadership positions in the state, saying that what is in the basket does not concern us , which is a constitutional measure.
What there is in the basket?
Near Shiite bilateral information talking to Speaker Berri basket includes a comprehensive vision of how the state administration starting from the election law to the parliamentary elections and up to the government and the distribution of portfolios, in what singled sovereign ministries, under the insistence of the pair to be the ministries of finance and energy (oil) from share, to be a partner in this duo to sign the decrees.
the future
Insofar as the basket that Speaker Berri calls for reaching them, announced Interior Minister Nihat Hanged rejected the basket, and he wondered, by sponsoring the ceremony honoring the pilgrims: «What is the wisdom of calling and searching in the formation of the government before the presidential election? I do not understand what the election law to form a government income?
He stressed: «We will not say no to any unconstitutional step before the election of the President of the Republic, and this is a constitutional right», wondering: Why not be open dialogue instead be conditional?
At this time, sources close to the stream «future» Hariri reiterated that the movement since his return to Beirut did not subside, and is entered in the race to disarm mines disruption «Hezbollah» farmed, it is past the obstruction and void and was succeeded by Iran policy.
In the estimation of the current parliamentary source that President Hariri movement revealed the real entities that elect the President of the Republic crashes, noting that Aoun movement knows these parties without being recognized, although they are known to fill.
Hizb allah
It describes ministerial sources in Hezbollah stage as biting the fingers of the stage, which is anxious to be behind the support of President Hariri , Aoun 's candidacy bid to isolate the party that feels that the regional role is still progressing on domestic concerns, stressing the importance of coordinating the move with President Barre. While lighting party media took a positive atmosphere for the illustration a statement issued by the Information Office of the Prime Barre, with reference to the seriousness of an unprecedented move in the Hariri.
With merely «Hezbollah» leaders across media positions to launch the words public and provide the necessary tips «to save this nation» in the words of the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance MP Mohammad Raad , who demanded prevail major national interest over private interest, and almost Tnos flame of enthusiasm for publicly nomination « strong president in his community », sources close to the party I went to invite General Aoun to take into account the concerns of Speaker Berri and provide the requested guarantees singled in the ministries, institutions and the electoral law and the wording of the state administration in case he became president of the Republic.
She said it is not right MP Aoun, Hezbollah embarrass with President Barre, he fought the world to deliver it to the presidency was unkept promise, but the party will not be displeased with President Barre to satisfy MP Aoun, it follows that my last position, which he will not participate in any meeting not تشارك أو تصوّت فيها كتلة برّي بالكامل لصالح إيصاله للرئاسة، وكل ما يمكن أن يقوم به الحزب هو تبريد الأجواء وتقريب وجهات النظر، والتغاضي عن تفاصيل لتمرير القطوع الرئاسي على خير.

Chiefs of Staff
and at the level of Chiefs of Staff of the Lebanese army, there has been a positive development on the possibility of a vacancy this site in the army command, was not disconnected from the movement on the presidential merit, represented by political leaders, particularly «FPM» and MP Walid Jumblatt, across the Serail and Yarze on the appointment of Brigadier Hatem angel chief of staff assignment after promoted to the rank of Major General, through a decree signed by 20 ministers, including the ministers of the current and Tashnaq, after it was found impossible to call the current Chief of Staff , Major General Walid Salman reservists after his mandate ends at midnight on September 30 due to the end the duration of his military service, has been excluded from the signing of the decree Attorney General Ashraf Rifi and economy Minister Alan wise as Mstquilin, while not also be signed by the two ministers symbolic Greg Akram Chehayeb of their presence outside the country.
Based on this decree and defense Minister Samir Moqbel issued a decree mandated under which Maj . Gen. owners conduct Chiefs of Staff duties in the army until the cabinet and install it .
Moscow to send more planes to Syria and messages to Washington
Aleppo: army enters the grove Basha camp Nairab Canadian hospital and pumping station
satisfaction in the Aoun - Hariri triangle Hezbollah to meet mound ... and rail impassable
newspaper Bannaesahevh building I wrote " the Russian position is still on the persistence and continuing achievements adoption of the two lines parallel bars themselves to the movement of Moscow by the end of the first year to start qualitative military operation in Syria , the Syrian army support, straighten the war on terror taken by Washington slogan to tamper with the security of Syria and the unity and spread chaos in the path, and made some terror ally to overthrow the Syrian government. From Moscow since the movement painted a military framework is the war on representing organized Daesh and Front victory of terrorism, and the framework of the political movement titled Washington 's call to revitalize the Geneva process to attract opposition parties backed the move away from the Front victory and bring them to participate in the political negotiations, as a prelude to cooperate in the translation of the war on terrorism logo which covers military presence both Washington and Moscow in Syria.
Moscow completed much of the task that confronted them a year ago, danger on the division of Syria no longer exists, Turkish and play in its future became under control, and armed formations receive harsh blows, and the Syrian army to achieve accomplishment after accomplishment , and Washington has not been able to evade the signing of a memorandum of understanding include the Russian principles of cooperation in the war on terrorism and seek a political solution to Syrian Syrian drops right outside interference in who governs Syria, despite Washington 's efforts tireless efforts to evade its application.
with the end of the first year approaching Russian achievements of the decisive moment, Vtdno hour of the Syrian army to enter and his allies supported strongly from Russia to the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, where the army took the lead after Farafra neighborhood in old Aleppo towards Neirab, after control of the Hndarat camp progress towards a Canadian hospital, the station Suleiman al-Halabi to pump water, and orchard Bacha district, while Moscow has announced the arrival of more fighter jets and bombers to Syria to the imperatives of the ongoing war on terror squad, without being cut off hair to communicate with Washington , which continued to talk about «serious consideration» to stop cooperating on Syria with Russia, and to meet «serious thought» Last alternatives is diplomacy, while Moscow maintains that understanding the site is still in force and lacks the decision «serious implementation» instead of «serious consideration» alternatives.
paths in Syria and two lanes in Lebanon, the presidential Vaharak initiated by Prime Minister Saad Hariri , in preparation for the nomination of General Michel Aoun , a presidential candidate for the National accord, capped meet General Aoun after a long wait and the length of interruption, after Hariri stopped at Meerab before reaching the mound and met the head of the Lebanese forces leader Samir Geagea. In return for the path you like him to meet with Aoun and Hariri second track to negotiate a basket of accord awaits the two partners in the presidential path, and the path of the basket as the bilateral track in good condition and the rail impassable safely so far, despite the trouble and complications and situations in which abound interpretations and explanations, as informed sources said, adding that satisfaction towards what is happening quietly and consistently on the tracks, is a character appropriate to assess what is going on among the parties Hariri , Aoun and Hezbollah triangle who was godfather to install presidential Aoun 's candidacy, and come with Hariri to his choice, and will be the godfather of the settlement around the basket from his mosque to allies strategists of General Michel Aoun and parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. The source adds, has made Hezbollah the international, regional and local parties waiting for thirty months , till it came their Ancefon ally , Michel Aoun , why rush it, the duty and the right to fair ally , Speaker Nabih Berri and it is thirty days, not thirty months, and the demand Hezbollah matter by what matters Berri, each team , which met on the national dialogue table as matter demanding a modern election law provides a fair and true representation.
Aoun around the corner from Baabda
early to dive in depth before the trial of the final fate of the ongoing negotiations, but it is certain that General Michel Aoun is just around the corner from the become the president of the Republic, Aounist The opportunity has never up to what they left off today.
continued yesterday, the head of the future Movement Saad Hariri round of consultations. He met on the first Presidential file Gen. Aoun in Rabieh, the presence of Nader Hariri office manager and head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil.
To meet with Aoun , Hariri 's very positive
and I learned «construction» of sources gathered for «building» said the meeting lasted two hours and a half, and that the atmosphere was very positive, It was agreed to meet again after the completion of his contacts and his return from a foreign tour. She pointed out that Hariri announce the nomination of Gen. Sir would be after completing consultations.
Before the mound, Hariri visited Meerab. Prime Forces leader Samir Geagea declared «that the meeting was a deep and wait for that Hariri completed his tour, even taking its final position», referring to «the last four or five months there was a disagreement with the views of Hariri, and this controversy began narrows». He stressed Geagea on «that the presidential election has entered a new phase and I am optimistic, and the results will appear before the next meeting to elect the President», saying «that is intended to postpone the hearing for a long time is to leave the area until the negotiations take a range of up to happy endings», stressing that «it not acceptable to put conditions on the presidential candidate and the principle of basketball for us not on the table ».
yesterday, tried to former Deputy Speaker of the Parliament Nabih Berri improve the atmosphere between Speaker Nabih Berri and General Michel Aoun, confirmed Rabia that the relationship between the two, were not days , in any circumstances , only In a good relationship with the highest degree of harmony and balance. But the press office of President Berri confirmed yesterday afternoon that the proposals made by placing it at the disposal of all reflect his commitment to the agenda of the national dialogue, which is not aimed at any of the specific candidates, but in our view the mandatory corridor for the stability of the political situation and the preservation of the constitutional institutions and of the solution Integrated starting with the election of the President of the Republic.
summoned the words of Ayn al comments from General Aoun said: «We also, when we announce our faith and our commitment to the Charter and the Constitution, we do not aim to criticize any official. But save the system and save everyone 's rights », adding that« in all cases, we have been, we are committed to what unites the Lebanese people, through legitimate institutions, and at the dialogue table. The rest, Wejtkvl by assuming good intentions and integrity of the national requirements. » Aoun asked: «What do you mean all those positions? Like coded messages, but does not solve it concerned them », pointing out that« the important thing is the answer to the basic question: Is there who wants to settle, and looking for the best formula for the equivalence? Or there are those who want to pre - empt the settlement, and looking for the best excuses for Oodha? The answer in the coming days, especially after the conclusion of the tour of Prime Minister Hariri. »
Berri , does not cut the road on Aoun
denied parliamentary sources in the Liberation and Development Bloc to be Speaker Berri works to block the arrival of General Aoun to the Baabda Palace, it is true that it tends to Minister Suleiman Franjieh nomination but what gets information campaigns affect the truth and affect subcontractors. The sources stressed that Speaker Berri rejects bilateral understandings and clings integrated basket raised at the dialogue table and culminate in the election of the President, and refuse to work on «piece» and works to avoid a repeat of the experiences of the formation of previous governments that once took more than 8 months.
Presidential and National Basketball
Well - informed sources told «constructive» «there is a range of titles require understanding between the stakeholders, not enough to Hariri supported General Aoun , to walk things, there are a range of details related to the linking Berri presidency understanding on the national basket, the debate about the time margin that could keep the pros currently appears, without these pluses go with the times unheeded ».
the sources stressed« Hariri endorsement of Gen. option is built decisively, and things on the railroad presidential, but when it turns from a whisper into the open? That would be linked momentum of political understandings associated with the presidential option, which would have barricaded the new president and he is assured of safety space strong start, and allowed him to enter the solution to the crisis stage, not crisis management ».
As for the sources pointed out« that Hariri , a step on the nomination Franjieh », he pointed out that he needed to move the nomination to the general consent of the parties that I went with him to support Franjieh Berri and Jumblatt, called sources to« waiting for the return of Russian tour Hariri, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Consultations conducted by would bring , with him to be built on the thing to go with upon his return. »
Emphasizes political circles for« constructive »that« Hariri option to walk the election of Gen. seriously, this option began with meetings and negotiations Minister Gebran Bassil and Mr. Nader Hariri, and continuously through consultations Hariri today and it will be completed at a later stage in preparation for the declaration of a formal adoption ». Sources indicate that Hariri , head of the Marada Movement MP Suleiman Franjieh told that he bears responsibility for his candidacy fails, he could not and Speaker Nabih Berri and MP Walid Jumblatt marketing for it.
She circles for «constructive» that Hezbollah will wait constitute a scene based on the position that will put Gen. Aoun Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , in his image, to the point that Hariri had told him to support his candidacy, for nearly views between Ain al - Tinah Rabieh, a spokeswoman for the semi - definite information about seeking three- way meeting between Nasrallah and General Michel Aoun and Berri, pointing out «that Hezbollah will address disparities within the team March 8 ». The sources pointed out that «Hezbollah trusts Gen. Michel Aoun at the same time eager to Berri be satisfied, but the parties are also interested to engage in dialogue with each other ».
Variation will end with Hariri 's final decision
and confirmed the Future Bloc member Jean Oghassabian for «constructive» «that things did not ripen after », calling for« waiting for the outcome of the consultations conducted by Hariri with political components ». He stressed Augaspian that the divergence of views of the nomination of Gen. Aoun within the bloc, will end up directly with the final decision to be taken by Hariri.
Kaag not afford initiative
and in parallel with the mobility of Hariri, the Special Coordinator for the United Nations to visit in Lebanon Sigrid Kaag on Sunday , Saudi Arabia and Russia at a time soon to continue the dialogue and to promote possible solutions. She met Kaag Yesterday, both the head of the Future Movement and international relations official in Hezbollah leader Sayyed Ammar Moussawi separately and discussed with them an update on developments in the presidential elections file.
The source familiar with the tour for «constructive» she intended to discuss the presidential file and the follow - up to the presidential settlement . They pointed out that the UN is not a party in the presidential settlement does not play any role, so they come in the context of aid but do not carry any initiative.
Find a serious negotiator on
the other hand, the Director - General of General Security Maj . Gen. Abbas Ibrahim «declared that we are still looking for a negotiator my grandfather in the military kidnapped the organization Daesh file », pointing out during his visit home of the editor Talal called captive in Zahle that« the other party still refuses to negotiate, but we as a state Lebanese are ready to negotiate at any moment we find negotiator ». As to whether a prisoner has «Daesh» neighborhoods, he said: «I can not assure I can not say that they were assassinated. We do not have accurate information ».
Cabinet Thursday?
It was striking yesterday, the success of communications in the approval of the Minister of the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah Tashnaq yesterday, the signing of a decree assigning Maj . Gen. Hatem owners conduct tasks of the General Staff of the Lebanese army. He was issued the Minister of National Defence Samir kissed a decision which cost the owners conduct tasks of the General Staff of the army after the issuance of the decree promoted to the rank of Major General. And it suggested Ministerial sources told «constructive» to the Prime Minister calling for a cabinet session next Thursday, will be the appointment of its Chief of Staff angel on my own schedule ».